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Forum Post: Pre- #S17 meetings, actions and outreach opportunitites between now and Friday

Posted 4 years ago on Sept. 9, 2013, 1:53 p.m. EST by grimwomyn (35) from New York, NY
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Monday September 9, 2013

OWS S-17 2013-Planning Assembly Whole Foods (2nd Floor) 95 Houston Street New York City, NY 6:30pm

We want justice for Kimani Gray (6 Months Since his murder by NYPD) 55th Street Church Ave (East Flatbush/Brooklyn) 7:00pm

Tuesday September 10, 2013 FINAL PRE-S-17 OWS LABOR OUTREACH COMMITTEE MEETING 60 Wall Street New York City, NY 6:30pm

Wednesday September 11, 2013 Next steps after the Harlem to Bronx March and Justice for Trayvon Martin Assembly Solidarity Center NYC 147 W.24th Street 2nd Floor New York City, NY 6:30pm

Thursday September 12, 2013 Hands Off Syria! Protest Wall Street & War Profiteers! NY STOCK EXCHANGE WALL AND BROAD STREETS, 4 PM TO 6 PM

99 Pickets Monthly Solidarity Meeting (Basement) 1199 SEIU 310 W.43RD Street New York City, NY 6:00PM

SEPTEMBER MEETING LEFT LABOR PROJECT[With others]- "SAVE OUR PUBLIC SERVICES WITH THE ROBIN HOOD TAX"@1199/SEIU 310 w.43RD st. 7th.fl [between 8th and 9th aves] 6:00pm

Friday September 13, 2013

NO WAR/NO BOMBING OF SYRIA Wall Street Occupied-The People’s Voice-Weekly Speakouts for Justice and Democracy

Federal Hall Steps 26 Wall Street New York City, NY 5:30pm

SPECIAL S-17/NO WAR IN SYRIA 99%-OWS City Wide Assembly for the 99% 60 Wall Street New York City, NY 7:00pm



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