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Forum Post: Power and Wealth

Posted 6 months ago on April 4, 2020, 7:17 p.m. EST by agkaiser (2465) from Fredericksburg, TX
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The eternal plot. Civilization is the story of ruling elite classes that measure the progress of our human community by their increases in POWER and wealth. The latter is created by our common works that the former allows them to take from us.

Private ownership of real production and the resulting employee employer relationship that strives to enrich the latter by the work of the former is doomed to failure. But the FIRE sector that enriches by parasitization of the real economy is much worse. By the power of compound interest it exponentially more energetically threatens our survival. For proof that the billionaire and politician class are brain dead: they have no clue that their own survival is more certainly doomed than ours. The morons can't see that to have our work be the source of their wealth and squeeze us with debt and starvation wages so they may have more is a systemic flaw that must lead the capitalist economy to ultimate failure.

And each stock market crash comes when most of the wealth, represented by money, has been sucked to the top and the elite parasites determine to try to protect their hoards, instead of using it for real production and wages so material products and services may be consumed. The collective consciousness of the possessors of great power and wealth is subconsciously self destructive.

Even weirder than that, when they overinflate the stock market balloon and it bursts. the real economic means of production of material goods and services need not be affected. But we must be stupider than the idiot masters of Wall St. We don't take their real assets away from them and use them to produce and distribute what we need to live.

"the 'real' economy's [a] circular flow between employers and wage labor buying the products they produced. But then, in Volume III, he [Marx] said that rentier debt claims by the financial sector was a separate dynamic, independent from the economy of production and consumption. This industrial capitalist economy is wrapped in a financial sector composed of debt and property claims. These are external to the economy. They slow it and ultimately cause a crash."




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