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Forum Post: Posted on Research but has not appeared??? Progression

Posted 12 years ago on Dec. 5, 2011, 10:22 a.m. EST by philosophicalranter (6) from Wandsworth, England
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1a. You need a focal point and spokespeople to prioritise your message. You must show the issues transparently so that the people understand the fight and why they should join in( For me it is World Poverty and equalising third world nations to our own level of social structure, to someone else its the environment, to someone else it's local social security, to someone else its health...etc)

1b. You have lots of support but... Which site do I follow? Which Twitter page? Where do I discuss my points? Is it here where the movement formally took hold or should it be a national or global occupy website? I believe the movement really began with the Arab Spring and Egypt's martyrs. Therefore shouldn't we ensure that our brothers in the middle East are given a focal platform too. With no leadership there is no direction and the movement will continually go round in circles. This is why Vietnam opposition took 3 years before 50% of Americans got behind it. You need to grab the attention of all Occupy twitter, fb, Google+, Websites etc. have a common and centralised meeting ground where a negotiated message of direction is formulated.

  1. You need to fight fire with fire by getting political. Attach to other bodies that support the greater good and get representation. You have a huge support base at the moment. Don't lose it by losing focus!!! Push for fair representation. In the very least you will break up the vote and other politicians will sway towards marginals to booster their own campaigns.

  2. You need financial backing. But you need to be selective as to where the money comes from otherwise you will be slaughtered in the media. The fat cat corporations will either throw weight to block your voice or to corrupt your basis. Be transparent with all funding. VERY TRANSPARENT.

4a. Transparency is key in ALL areas, particularly your 'manifesto', but also funding, leadership, followers, opposition and target specific business, banks corporation who are damning the world by feeding themselves. If you ran the country what would you do about it? Would you cap profit? Cap the rich? And what is acceptable wealth? Would you incriminate past exploitation and corruption on a global scale and how would those punishments take shape? What about issues like oil dumping, or mis-selling products or even conspiracies such as 9/11?

4b. Transparency needs to be transparent! What I mean is the language you use and the formats, displays, layouts you use NEEDS to be very easily understood and accessible. It's no good discussing issues using 'university English' or have a format website that resembles the FT or a minefield of information. If you want to grab the majority of the country and the world, you MUST appeal to the mass audience. The masses did not go to college and NEED to understand what you are talking about before they switch off through boredom.

4c. Hold your hand up if you pursued the wrong direction or backing. Don't be embarrassed or ashamed to say ' We got this wrong' or We're no longer pursuing this direction because...'. Humility and honesty is admirable. Even a movement is 'human' and people respect that. And be careful who you ally with. They could be infiltrating and sabotaging your operation from within.

Finally, just a thought regarding short term tactics. OCCUPY has done great job delivering awareness on so many levels. Even mainstream media are 'outting' corporations and banks through documentaries etc. But the OCCUPY tactic needs to progress.

I feel that targetting a corporation or a particularly vile business on a monthly or even weekly basis could be great. Highlight who they are, why they are so vile and encourage the world to BOYCOTT that company. 'Outting' through a global-public watchdog would be amazing if you get it right. You can absolutely hammer a company and by doing so put fear into others. This could die a death or grow and grow before you are hitting corrupt banks and even the political parties.

Sorry this is long winded. I will attach and articulate this thread with more structured language on my blog. I wish you all the very best of luck in changing our global social-economic structure. One that is based on debt and suffering for the betterment of a few in the West. Power to the people and Good Luck.

http://philosophical-ranter.blogspot.com/ Twitter @godfather_cwq



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[-] 1 points by Misfit138 (172) 12 years ago

Why bother? DC will just write new laws to protect the profits of these firms and block OWS. Change starts at DC.

[-] 1 points by ZenDogTroll (13032) from South Burlington, VT 12 years ago

Great Post and a Must Read for every Occupier in the Nation.