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Forum Post: Post cards to support Occupy Wall St?

Posted 12 years ago on Sept. 28, 2011, 6:37 p.m. EST by zugunruhe (0) from Brooklyn, NY
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I've searched as best I can but haven't seen this brought up elsewhere, sorry if I missed something obvious!

I know of many people that want to support Occupy Wall Street but simply don't have the money or ability to come down themselves or send food. But postcards are cheap. You don't even have to buy them and can make them out of paper yourself, as long as they are at the size standard set by the post office. 100,000 people can't afford to send us stuff, but I'd bet 100,000 people can afford the 29 cents required to mail a post card.

I think a visual display of post cards sent from all over the US (or the world?) similar to the way the signs are laid out for the public to view would be a great way to show that we have the support of those who cannot attend. I won't be down at Liberty Park until Saturday because of work, but once I can get down there who/what committee would I need to talk to to organize this? Or if someone else would like to take it and run with it please feel free.



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