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Forum Post: Possible peaceful action...

Posted 8 years ago on Nov. 18, 2011, 12:20 p.m. EST by stacii (14) from Glasgow, Scotland
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Hi all from Glasgow UK

We’ve all been protesting worldwide for over two months now peacfully, despite obvious poking and prodding from the police to incite violence, well done to everyone for keeping it the way it was intended.

However, more needs to be done and I reccomend this.

BOYCOTT the chain stores.

Christy Walton and family are the owners of the massive company Wal-mart, who in turn own the UK’s Asda, aswell as thousands of stores world wide. Based on the work of thousands of employees, some doing back breaking work, and most on minimum wage. Off these people, This family are worth 26.5 BILLION US dollars.

Other examples include the Tesco chain, Toys R’ Us, Sainsburys and many other shops that we use without thinking.

Relate that to the number of small independent grocery stores, bakers, clothing retailers, cafes etc that are closing down because of a lack of business.

If you take a walk into the local shops, you’ll find that most of their prices are the same, sometimes lower and occasionally SLIGHTLY higher than your supermarkets, and when I say higher it’s often no more than 10 or 20 pence/cents. More custom given to these shops would mean that they will be able to lower prices and support people whose livelihood is being flushed down the drain by fat cats.

A full boycott of the mass chains would not only then give the custom we have to local members of our community, but it would STOP LINING THE POCKETS OF THE ALREADY RICH!

Worldwide, I would imagine that support for the Occupy movement must reach into the millions. If people took the incentive to go with this, we would have a massive impact into changing what needs to be changed, at that is corporate greed. We’ve said our piece, we now need to take peaceful action.

I’ll keep updating this, but for now, could you please pass this onto as many people as is possible and get the idea going. I really think this will make an impact, and I hope that this gains momentum.

Thanks for reading,

Stacey http://www.tumblr.com/blog/occupybreakthechains



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