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Forum Post: Possible breakthrough idea for Conglomerate community building: Network marketing

Posted 4 years ago on June 19, 2013, 3:38 a.m. EST by Kavatz (464) from Edmonton, AB
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Some of you are somewhat familiar with the 99% Conglomerate by now. Some more than others.

I've been motivated to find ways to become financially free, in order to free up my time for things that matter. Unfortunately there are few options for someone like me who has to pay for a family to stay above water.

With an open mind, and after falling in with a few guys, I'm getting interested in network marketing. Have you ever heard of The Life Business? http://www.life-leadership-home.com/

Most people will get the wrong idea. I've been watching it for about a year, read up on the materials, and I've actually improved in several areas of my life like they said would happen.

I'm still a bit skeptical, but so much more intelligent about certain things, like relationships (it saved my marriage), financially (have you heard of Robert Kiyosaki and the Cashflow Quadrant?), etc.

For example, how can more than just a few people get rich in such a system. It's NOT a pyramid scheme, but not every member can pay $250/month (business expenses) and earn $10,000/month? It must be that 95% of the members are unsuccessful.

Regardless, because of this company's business model, it has become the best in the business. Highest compensation by far.

The product is a better you while creating leadership development teams. Tens of thousands fill stadiums and listen and cheer at the big events. People are really pumped, and even if you never build a business or spend any money (after a year I've benefited greatly without spending any money), you still win, because a little effort in this direction will make you better. And the members are actually great people with time for you, money or not.

Another thing I dislike about this is that one of the "8 F's of life" is Faith. They push religion, or seem to. I don't want to belong to a community that has anything to do with religion. I don't want a book and CDs every 8 months telling me how to get closer to a man-made god. That, my friends, might be the one thing holding me back from going hard at it. Then again, I do believe it's important to have faith and be spiritual.

There's so much to it that I can't cover more than this. I'm not trying to sell anything or build a Life community on this forum. I just realized recently that the founders of Life (and Team) used to have their network marketing companies with a different organization, but they left because they saw the flaws and thought they could do better... and they sure as hell did.

What if the Conglomerate had within it a similar network marketing business, with each member owning their own little "franchise". Each member of the network marketing group would be a Conglomerate Subsidiary. Every member has the same business formula, operating exactly as designed (like every McDonald's), never deviating from the system. The people with the biggest communities make the most money, but the community-building driving force is the desire for revolution, not so much the money. The real money makers should be encouraged/expected to share their wealth or to finance the undertakings of the movement.

Oh, and it's an excuse to market products that promote the movement (audios, videos, seats at conferences). You don't have to be a member of the organization to benefit as a customer.



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