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Forum Post: Position: Intersection Beggar $300 Per Day!

Posted 12 years ago on Dec. 27, 2011, 3:40 a.m. EST by economicallydiscardedcitizen (761)
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I found the following exchange in the comments section of the article 'Earn more, work less: 8 great jobs that escape the rat race' indicative of 'black market' minimum wage running around $300 per day for standing all day begging as the initiator of the exchange wrote; it's also demonstrative of plenty of great Americans who take to heart the adage that 'charity begins at home.'

My guess: anything more 'involved' that correlates to slightly above 'entry level' in the 'black market' probably runs around $1000 per day or job/delivery? With compensation like that alot of people would be able to meet and beat the average household income for a family of 4 in the U.S. which hovers around $50K per year!

'Earn more, work less: 8 great jobs that escape the rat race' http://shine.yahoo.com/power-your-future/earn-more-work-less-8-great-jobs-that-escape-the-rat-race-2565190.html

VIRGINIAN2 days 10 hours agoReport Abuse Intersection begger Average $300.00 a day. No taxes. 37 Replies

21Thumbs UpThumbs Down0 Genesis2 days 10 hours agoReport Abuse My friends and I talk about this all the time. We see the same guy at an intersection from morning to late afternoon begging 5 days a week; he probably makes more than the people coming back from work in rush hour....

12Thumbs UpThumbs Down7 Shemp Howard • Romeoville, Illinois • 2 days 9 hours agoReport Abuse it's work

16Thumbs UpThumbs Down1 VIRGINIAN2 days 8 hours agoReport Abuse The police ran one off the inersection after searching him. He had a car parked nearby and 450.00 cash on him.

21Thumbs UpThumbs Down2 Chellichell • Homewood, Illinois • 2 days 3 hours agoReport Abuse At least he's not being micro-managed.

10Thumbs UpThumbs Down1 William • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania • 2 days 3 hours agoReport Abuse Suprised more people arent doing this. Sounds very lucrative..

17Thumbs UpThumbs Down2 nc • San Diego, California • 2 days 2 hours agoReport Abuse I would never stoop that low. I would rather recycle cans. At least the ones recycling cans are working to get money.

20Thumbs UpThumbs Down1 Rick • Warren, Oregon • 2 days 2 hours agoReport Abuse For a couple of years, I saw the same guy at several intersections and would give him my spare change once a week. I finally asked him how much he makes. He told me on a bad day, he'll get $75.00 or so and on good days, several hundred dollars. He also told me he's afraid of the IRS and declares his income. Profession? Professional Beggar. Go Figure!

13Thumbs UpThumbs Down2 Derek • Greenville, South Carolina • 1 day 17 hours agoReport Abuse Sad, he is working harder and getting more done than most people that have real jobs.

17Thumbs UpThumbs Down5 harleyrs • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania • 1 day 17 hours agoReport Abuse That is what is wrong with this country, there are to many beggers and to few people willing to work. Time to go back to the way this country was founded, if you not willing to work you don't eat.

8Thumbs UpThumbs Down2 Ron • Montgomery, Alabama • 1 day 17 hours agoReport Abuse Where can I go and get some training to be one of these beggars. I like the sound of it.

9Thumbs UpThumbs Down1 Joe Physics • Warren, Ohio • 1 day 16 hours agoReport Abuse National sales tax cures this issue. Same for off the books sales, side jobs, and drug dealers - none pay taxes while you give more than your share.

12Thumbs UpThumbs Down0 ratdog • Galloway Twp, New Jersey • 1 day 15 hours agoReport Abuse soon we all will have jobs working on street corners begging.

17Thumbs UpThumbs Down0 TheDuke1 day 15 hours agoReport Abuse It only requires a piece of cardboard and a magic marker. What other industry has such low startup costs?

12Thumbs UpThumbs Down1 printersgirl10 • Memphis, Tennessee • 1 day 15 hours agoReport Abuse I volunteered at a food pantry. The clients had to fill out paper work to qualify for assistance. One man in his 50's came in and declared he had no income, while stating he paid 450.00 rent to his daughter. When asked where that $ came from to pay rent, he was very honest and said he stood in an intersection with a sign that said will work for food. When asked, if anyone offered work, he said NOT ONE PERSON in all the years he has been doing it offered work. He made roughly he said, 25,000.00 to 35,000.00. That's just what he was willing to tell us. In this economy I can't believe there is that many of us, who have spare $$ enough to keep giving these guys, and why aren't more of them in the news being robbed. They're sitting ducks. Oh, by the way he didn't qualify for a food box. HA!

6Thumbs UpThumbs Down14 Deepsix • Norwalk, Connecticut • 1 day 13 hours agoReport Abuse Section 8 welfare is better. In NYC compensation is $1,000/mo per kid + food stamps; 8 kids over 100K/year tax free. Add a little drug dealing on the side cash at 200K/year. No AMT tax, no new tax on people earning 250K/year. What a great country when you can receive 12 more for doing nothing than the average Chinese earns for working and the foolish Chinese help finance this 15 trillion dollar entitlement Ponzi scheme. Thank you Mr. Obama for rewarding people of entitlement and punishing success.

5Thumbs UpThumbs Down6 William Smith • Richmond, Virginia • 1 day 13 hours agoReport Abuse yeah i put my wife out there with our 3 yr old, she made over 3000 the first week

8Thumbs UpThumbs Down3 candy • Atlanta, Georgia • 1 day 13 hours agoReport Abuse we live in a country where if you work honestly you will be penalized but if you dont work then they will give you some place free to live, food stamps, a check, free child care and health insurance. But boy o boy if you dear try and get a job to better your life your cut off! Completely! So hey become a stripper, or a drug dealer and call it a day at least you wont lose your house! smh! AMERICA!\

5Thumbs UpThumbs Down6 hater h • San Mateo, California • 1 day 12 hours agoReport Abuse It's $200 a day -- don't exaggerate. And it's hard work -- begging, breathing in exhaust, and getting worn out by standing all day in inclement conditions.

18Thumbs UpThumbs Down4 Kilgore Trout1 day 11 hours agoReport Abuse Harleyrs, this country wasn't founded by people who worked hard it was founded by people who paid for indentured servents and slaves to do the work for them. The biggest bums have always been at the top.

7Thumbs UpThumbs Down1 Paul L • Austin, Texas • 1 day 10 hours agoReport Abuse i specially love it when i stare them in the eyes and say 'no'.. they start cursing me out.. or say 'god bless you.'



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[-] 0 points by economicallydiscardedcitizen (761) 12 years ago

More on begging income: http://www.straightdope.com/columns/read/2255/how-much-money-do-beggars-make "Anecdotal accounts suggest a few panhandlers do quite well. For instance, a recent news story tells of Jason Pancoast and Elizabeth Johnson, self-described "affluent beggars" from Ashland, Oregon. The couple estimates they can make $30-40,000 per year from panhandling. They boast earnings as high as $300 per day, and assert they once made $800 in one day. Similarly, a former Denver City Council president claimed to know panhandlers who made hundreds of dollars per week, or even per day. City Councilwoman Elbra Wedgeworth said, "I know some people are making $150 to $300 or $400 a day. There are some people who are in desperate situations but many who are panhandling for a living." One hesitates to generalize from such stories, though. "