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Forum Post: Please Write a Letter to the Editor. Give a Solution when stating the Problem

Posted 11 years ago on Aug. 16, 2012, 7:17 p.m. EST by gsw (3411) from Woodbridge Township, NJ
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Here is a sample letter to editor I submitted to my paper. Feel free to modify, copy send to your local "Letters to the editor" I'd change the first line and some words and phrases to address whomever is whining thereby supporting the duopoly, and slinging mud :

Subject: America Election

_ writes, “ELECTION: An America I no longer recognize” 8/16

is justly concerned of “an administration that has had 30-plus months of over 8 percent unemployment...etc” and other itemized problems.

However, we are the, “our administration”: Both Parties and branches of government: lobbyists; media, advertisers, individuals with money who control the messages, process, and results of the election, making for such feelings of helplessness. The waste is our sad hopeless system: wars continue, citizen unemployment, and non- living wages and bitterness.Together businesses, colleges and interested people (volunteers) should establish paths to work and skills, a living wage for a better nation. Then, we will all be employed in growing together, one nation. Visit: http://www.voterocky.org/ for more.



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