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Forum Post: Please Help!!!!! Electronically Sign This Petition To Help Fix The Unemployment Issues In America @change.org

Posted 12 years ago on July 4, 2012, 10:57 p.m. EST by BrianNichols (1)
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I am new to Occupy Wall Street, but have always believed in its purpose, despite the fact that I have profited from the stock market, and currently work as a writer for financial markets.

A couple months ago I felt obligated to outline a plan to fix the employment issues in this great country. To this point, political leaders have only suggested incentives for large corporations such as giving them even more money and tax breaks for hiring new employees. But with unemployment over 8%, the U.S. deficit at all-time highs, net income for the largest of corporations at all-time highs, cash on balance sheets being high, and compensation for executives continuing to rise, this proposed solution does not make sense, and will not work or provide the fire needed to create employment in the manner that is needed for the economy to grow.

My question is why can't we regulate the largest corporations that make billions in annual income, increase dividends every year, meanwhile are laying off thousands of workers per year? I believe we can! As a company OWNED BY THE PUBLIC there is no reason that we can't control or regulate how companies hire.

In the link at the end of this message you will find a petition that I wrote last night that I believe can fix the employment issues in this country. With your support, and I believe those in this forum will support this idea, we can send this petition to those who can create change. And even if the primary suggestions never create change they may still force Washington to change their stance on how to create jobs.

The bottom line is that more can be done to force large corporations (who also impact small and medium sized companies) to hire. Look at how far Occupy Wall Street has come and the roar that we have forced upon Wall Street. I urge you to simply read this petition (link below) and see if you agree, and then hopefully sign. Included I have provided some very disturbing data from the CEOs of the largest of corporations. If we don't act now things will get worse before getting better, meanwhile executives and large corporations stay rich. We must hire to grow, and my petition can create and force Washington to acknowledge our roar. Please take 5 minutes to read my suggestions, and if you agree then electronically sign (it's easy) and send it to everyone you know. Let's get America back to work, and start on Independence Day, by signing this petition!!!




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