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Forum Post: People's Awareness Coalition

Posted 6 years ago on May 1, 2012, 3:44 p.m. EST by firecloud (0) from Midlothian, TX
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Learn what to do to really force the change needed. I noticed that this forum says no political sides are being discussed or allowed here. This site fits perfectly with that sentiment. Why we must all rescind our voters registration and NOT vote in their scam government. Learn the truth at pacinlaw.org. You will finally see why and what to do. Occupying and demonstrating does nothing to bring about needed changes. Removing yourself from their game and not participating in their de facto government and reclaiming your nationality is the first easy to do step. Save this country and know you have done something to really make a meaningful part of the change needed. If you have asked yourself "what can I do? The problem is so huge I don't know what can be done that could possibly make my efforts worthwhile?" Then go to pacinlaw.org and learn what you can do to be a real factor in making the country right again. To live as a free person in your country.



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