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Forum Post: people MAGAZINE PROMO OF kate middleton

Posted 5 years ago on Jan. 9, 2015, 11:56 p.m. EST by jamespeterevanhoe ()
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Man talking about promoting Drug Cartels ..... Money Laundering.... the Windsors are truly scum........owners of the Bank HSBC ..... everyone needs to read Matt Taibbi's articles on "too big to prosecute" how the Bank owned by the Windsors yes the scum Kate Middleton has married into .....they are the owners....and how HSBC laundered 100s of billions of dollars for drug cartels... crime money... globally for more then 4 decades. The violence through money laundering via HSBC making the drug cartels successful killed more then a 1/2 million Central Americans over the last 40 years....40,000 Mexicans in one year alone......destabilized the entire region Yet Obama let the owners of HSBC ... the Windsors, the Board of Directors and the Managers of this global crime operation go free .... and then this last year thousands of young people from Central America not wanting to be under the Rule of the Drug Lords of Central America who are now taking control of these Central American Countries, fled to the USA. One of the HSBC executives sits on the Board of Directors at Ford Motor Co.....the very guy who got to invest the 100s of billions of crime money..JOHN L. THORNTON...that's right drug money sits on the Board of Directors at Ford Motor Co.....see google and learn more.

So the little ole Lady in the Yellow Dresses is nothing more than a Crime Lord...worthy enough to spit on and certainly worth enough to prosecute ... line her up on the US Capital steps come 2017 and be shot to death for her crimes. Bet on it!!!!

The Windsors like their American buddies in crime the Bush Family are nothing more than opportunists willing to kill Your Family Members, Your Friends, Your Neighbors .....for say a few 100 billion over that last 40 years.....

So PEOPLE MAGAZINE ....Kate Middleton....on the cover....should it be burned absolutely......!

Thank God for 2017 ....blood will pour down the DC Capital steps and some of it will be English-Germany blood.....The Windsors will be No More!

Kate Middleton get out while You can!



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[-] 1 points by turbocharger (1756) 5 years ago

Yet you still support political celebrities.