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Forum Post: Peace now!!!!

Posted 1 year ago on Aug. 30, 2020, 3:49 p.m. EST by elf3 (4203)
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We are better than this. The American spirit is to come together during times of crisis, not to turn on each other as Wall Street reaps the benefits of our divided nation. People on the right think I'm a hippie, people on the left think I am Karen. We are making assumptions about one another that may or may not be true. Even if the worst is true about a person - it is up to each individual to lead by example and wear our integrity and empathy on display. We must never sink ourselves or destroy our belief systems in the expectation that it will create change. It does not work. It creates more division.

In our current times, the conversations we should be having are about the American quality of life and our work systems. Equity for all whoever we are. We can see that laborers are being undervalued. We can see that our working system refuses to acknowledge that as a species rearing children is part of our daily lives that must be incorporated into our jobs. We can see that passive income is creating an unequal cast system of haves and have nots. We can see that we are not taking care of nature and our planet. While we may not agree on everything - we as a country MUST come together to search for progress and find out where our values coalesce.

We must also as a species begin to understand the dynamics of empathy vs sociopathy. What do we do with people who lack conscience for their fellow humans? This is not a racial issue. The amount of sociopaths in each race is the same. This human trait is something we must begin to examine and this is becoming a conversation among groups online and a wave as large as the Paleo diet. Is sociopathy a mental disability and what do we do about it. What can we do to lessen the chances that children will grow up with this trait? Should we as a society begin to recognize the symptoms of sociopathy as a very negative human trait as a communal species? Trickle down economics of Larry Kudlow, Alec, and this administration has pushed the philosophy of sociopaths onto our society and now we are paying this price. The lack of good paying jobs, the consolidation of wealth into the hands of a few over the welfare and well being of the many, the lack of ethics in business, and the lack of concern for the labor responsible for the success in every business, human beings being seen not as individuals, but as pieces of a wealth generator to be used up and discarded. This devaluation of human life - is happening to us all but is especially happening in communities of color who are the majority of our labor force. In order for Wall Street to successfully exploit them, they have worked very hard at devaluing the working class, and by default communities and people of color. This is a fact. The outcome of Wall Streets devaluation of human beings is that our system of government which has been incorporated into the fold of Wall Street, is now doing the same thing, from schools, to police, to local communities, working class, people of color, and anyone not on wall street's ladder of success - has been silently sacrificed to service the machine. The propaganda has worked. We are being ignored. We are being called crazy. We are told to be silent. And now people are even being killed so often we got used to hearing about it on the news - some even scoff and say they must have done something to deserve it.

The breakdown of our system was inevitable. This was clear to me when Nafta was signed, and when Bush took office. Now that it has fortunately Hallelujah! happened we must come together and agree that we must move forward together pushing empathy to the forefront of our governmental system and of our society in general. We must value the individual and the well being of the masses in an elegant balance. We must also recognize that we can all have a decent quality of life. No person should be homeless in America. And no person should be as rich as Jeff Bezos. The strength of our country lays in our common sense ability to tell what is decent and moral. If we do not value that ideal within ourselves, then we can not promote that ideal in our society. We must spread love. If we want to end hate, then we must not hate. Feelings of injustice are not wrong. Feelings of anger are not wrong. Self expression is important. But how we carry ourselves and how we behave and how we treat others - becomes our true character. What is the character of America? I hope peace; To be peaceful and benevolent, and empathic, and reinforce our spirit of lifting others to the light, even when we don't like them very much. I hope our way of life returns to compassion. Not as martyrs, or with arrogance of who is better than who, but because we can imagine being in the life of another human being and feel and appreciate their individual experience as an individual doing battle with existence. We are all on that journey and it's a very short ride too. we must help each other along the way.



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[-] 1 points by elf3 (4203) 1 year ago

The idea of survival of the fittest has got to stop. It is failing our country and world. When did it become gospel to stop at nothing to get ahead and get what's "yours". If we don't take other human beings into consideration, then we are but animals operating out of primal urges. Wall Street, gang members, CEO's politicians are operating on the same remedial frequency.

[-] 1 points by elf3 (4203) 1 year ago

A president who stokes division on behalf of Wall Street is no president but maturity stunted teenage boy looking to stuff his own stock portfolio and please his corporate run election campaign. He would see this country burned to the ground rather than bring about a peaceful resolution. For all his boasting about his powerful negotiating skills - here we see the only thing he knows how to do is behave as an angry ex husband in a messy divorce proceeding. It's pathetic and disgusting. He needs to revoke his run for presidency and step down. History will judge his performance as a failed ego driven attempt to boost his next television show's ratings. This is real life. real people are dying. The only thing I'm hoping is the t-rex shows up to eat him before he makes all of this any worse.

Stop giving rich little brats the keys to world leadership, the American Dream, and the oval office. The only thing they know how to do is rely on a trust fund and push people around. Trump is a spoiled bully brat with a small brain span. Frankly not sure about Biden either, but at least I do think he will try to bring us together and hopefully not destroy all of our good music by using it in his campaign.

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

Voting for Biden is actually voting for Kamala Harris for the Presidency because he's advanced in age ( as the woman of a married couple using the rhythm method may well say at 10 p.m. on Friday night, "Honey, you've missed your chance !" "Here, lick some orange-peel marmalade from Smucker(R) and Smucker's(R)" ) so he will probably die while being in orifice.

Hillary Clinton probably would have been a great wheeling-dealing president ( better than Orange-utan ) but she just couldn't shake off her patriarchal upbringing so she stuck with Bill ( I suspected that a woman of her intelligence would have figured out that Bill was a serial philanderer from their days in Arkansas harassing women galore but alas, she preferred to be cheated upon and deceived gain and again, despite the numerous adult-entertainment bimbo eruptions of Bill's. She essentially told the World with her attacks against the women who accused Bill that "women aren't to be believed" so she being a woman wasn't to be believed. Very believable Obama at least got lumps of things between his legs ! )

John McCain picked Sarah Palin as running mate who led us to the Trump Presidency. I can see Russia from the East Coast, too ! Alaska was Russia's so she definitely had experience governing a big chunk of Russia ( but not that many people in it; as similarly located high-latitude parts of Russia also have extremely low population density and hence low complexity of the governing scope.) John obviously liked to have pretty women hovering nearby. Sarah Palin's "national" health care plan was: "let us drive over to Canada with our family for care." It's easy to do in Alaska but it was an analogue of MY PLAN for getting through college education: mooching off of my parents ! I doubt that Canada wouldn't take countermeasures if it happens on its border with the lower 48 states of the U.S.A. Doesn't Canada have her so-called "death panel?" Pigs with lipstick on are quite fuckable and edible afterwards. The aroma of roasted pork is indeed transcendent. I was amazed to see at times a whole roasted pig brought in to my spiritual godfather's temple for worship and offering. Weren't these deities or semi-deities largely vegetarians? Yes, pork is grass !

Believe it or not, Trump's Presidency so far is very peaceful militarily ( not many new wars but definitely having multiple withdrawals of significance and becoming a Big Loser in being pursuaded by Turkey { no, the Idiot wouldn't get to build a Trump Tower "brothel" in Istanbul [ for life, what sells is food and sex, Trump Tower's rents are much too expensive to be supported by selling food so what's being sold there to pay for the rents? fucking, with "Wall Street," Main Street, or literally penetrative sexual intercourses ] but a mosque instead in Constantinople in which no pork is allowed; his love of "pork" is why he's a non-Jew Jew as real Jews don't eat pork; 《川普想在清真寺內賣豬肉。》} to betray the Kurds { Obama also did a complete U.S. withdrawal from Iraq on schedule by the end of 2011 only to have to go back in later on to fight a "junior varsity" team }, an exception being "shove it" near Iran and Greater Iran but Trump is non-Jew Jew more than he is non-Christian Christian in the same vein as the semiconductor silicon is non-metal metal and non-insulator insulator; I understand a bit about opium because the British made me non-Chinese Chinese and the Chinese made me non-British British { maybe until the British make one non-British British and the Chinese make one non-Chinese Chinese, but still there is much unrest in my birth city Hong Kong; I learnt a good answer from the Bible when Moses asked who God was if the Egyptians should ask of him who had told him to undertake the Exodus: "I am who I am" "tell them I am sent you"; nationalities and identities are just labels to which we subscribe so yeah, we can certainly change our subscriptions--that's the underlying basis of U.S. citizenship: the allegiance pledged to uphold a set of values }; Dad's wish { who got a tiny bit of British-Indian opium in alcohol in our family heirloom for health and remembrance which was probably taken along by Mom through both thick and thin; this bottle with a bit of opium residue stain at its bottom 《goddess' and god's truthy physics as Mom and I had taught Dad applied: "high-proof liquors have exceptional rates of evaporation" 》 was fittingly left in Hong Kong which was ceded in the two Opium Wars by the Chinese to the British Empire } was for me to pull out altogether to become a non-American American so I caved in to his "chicken at every meal" enticement { restraining impulsive desires was important as the story about the golden touch of King Midas had tried to teach us }; I've just realized that it couldn't be green avocado ice-cream being his favorite because avocados are expensive and there isn't much green in them; he probably liked the green peppermint and chocolate-chip ice-cream variety.)

Most MBAs can prove that randomly ripping out a part from any product's component list makes the product cost less. I am still suffering from a faucet/tap that cannot be shut off easily once switched on because some MBA "genius" duckhead shaved off 0.1 millimeter from the rubber washer ( no other replacement is possible because "they don't make it anymore" -- it's American-style industrial gonorrhea, "made by Amerofuck" in collaboration with Redfuckgina.)

At least we're now pulling out of Redfuckgina before we get syphilis as it tries to practice the Kegel grab with its cunt. Trump the cunt.

U.S. movable-landing-strip islands' corollary to artificial islands' claim of sovereignty says: Pursuant to the Law of the Sea, each U.S. movable-landing-strip island (aircraft carrier) has acres of sovereign U.S. land (airfield, ) thus any other countries' property located within 12 nautical miles of a U.S. aircraft carrier's littoral is subject to seizure at the discretion of the U.S. Military ( for U.S. National Security.)