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Forum Post: Paul could still easily win the GOP nomination

Posted 5 years ago on June 4, 2012, 11:43 p.m. EST by lancealotlink (147)
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If not for his corrupt inapt campaign staff. Which I am almost sure that Jesse benten has been bought out by the Romney campaign.

A few weeks ago the Ron Paul campaign had a money bomb for delegates but that money did not go into the hands of one single delegate it all went to the paid salaries of Benton ,Weed and the Brady bunch.{Paid campaign staff}'.

If Paul can get all the delegates that could go but are to broke and jobless in this rotten economy Paul could could easily will have enough delegates to win the GOP nomination.tell he will lock up the Texas GOP delegates slate

It is a shame that the Ron Paul staff cheated their loyal supporters out of the the delegates funding. And these are the people who want to run our country.Anyway what I'm trying to say is that the delegate funding is not going to delegates it's going into the big fat greedy hands of Benton .,Weed and the brady bunch.

Oh well anyway I was thinking if it came down to still Romney or Obama or Paul. Well I figured this if we choose Romney were going to get screwed in the ass. If we choose Obama will get kissed and screwed in the ass. But at least with Paul will probably get screwed in the ass but at least the banksters will get screwed in the ass to for once.



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[-] 1 points by GringoFrijolero (38) 5 years ago

The majority of Americans are not making it. What is Paul's plan to give them jobs at a living wage?

[-] 1 points by lancealotlink (147) 5 years ago

well none actually except to give tax breaks for the rich{ I guess that a jobs plan} like the rest of them. Another words he has no jobs plan like the rest of them.

[-] 1 points by BradB (2693) from Washington, DC 5 years ago

??????? Fuck the Republicans ... they should ALL be in jail ....

Obama ain't that good either ... but unless WE step up and actually DO something ... he's our BEST choice ...

[-] 1 points by TrevorMnemonic (5827) 5 years ago

I am so disappointed in my fellow Americans for choosing such terrible leaders year after year. I don't care which is worse, they're both terrible.

Barack Obama - Patriot Act, Abuse of AUMF, International Development Solutions (formerly Black Water), Attacked Nations that Did Not Attack us, Wall Street Bailouts, Indefinite detention laws that apply to American citizens, and assassination of American citizens in Yemen without providing any evidence of their crimes or the authority to kill them. Military option against Iran is still "on the table."

Romney supports all of the above and says corporations are people.

Neither one can possibly be a "best" choice. It just means a majority of the population got duped from manipulation and "talking points" in the primaries in 2008 and 2012.

[-] 1 points by lancealotlink (147) 5 years ago

BTW T intrade is predicting 93% chance Walker wins tommorrow now do you still think Obammy gonna win in November.

[-] 1 points by lancealotlink (147) 5 years ago

And dont forget no jobs.

[-] 1 points by lancealotlink (147) 5 years ago

really... Obama four more years of this crap..... Really, Paul is by far not my first choice but if Paul gets chosen hell fluck up everybody's wet dream in the GOP.

[-] -1 points by BradB (2693) from Washington, DC 5 years ago

ohhh LanceOL .... u're not paying attention .... Obama does SUCK when it comes to the war stuff .... but he has also been wrecking havoc to the criminal bankers activities... he is trying his best to help us.... this IS a class War going on ...and he IS the only one that is in reach of the win that is on our (the People's) side... actually Biden (imo) would do a better job ... but RP is nut's .... he has honest good ideas for the most part ... but his gold standard shit is a hundred yrs ago stuff ... it would decimate the 3rd world ...

[-] 2 points by riethc (1149) 5 years ago

Obama voted for the bailouts (while in the Senate), calls Jamie Dimon (the head of JP Morgan) the "smartest banker in the world", is blocking the Glass-Steagall Act from being reinstated, reappointed Ben Bernanke to the Federal Reserve, etc.

How in the hell can you say he has been wreaking havoc to criminal bankers?

[-] 2 points by BradB (2693) from Washington, DC 5 years ago

hehehehehehe .... hmmm ok .... go see how many bankers are resigning ... and why ..... (the new treasury is doing it's job) ... also ck out the St Louis Fed .... All new blood .. w/ new shit .... it IS changing ... and u think we should not have had a bailout ???? hahahahaha ... oh shit... there would not have been any economy left if we didn't .... nor any time to find the real crooks.... go back to Fox News for u're info ... it's too complicated here ... and FUCK JP Morgan

[-] 1 points by lancealotlink (147) 5 years ago

are you serious Brad bee...... are you really going to try to pass that stale hourse shit on us about Obama keep dreaming pal Obama is going down he's going down hard November and the Democrats can rot in hell the Coke brothers buy every congressman that calls himself tea party which will be every one of them.These are the nightmares that await us in November.I'm telling you this organizationa{occupy not the democrats needs to be a political organization it's the only way we'll be able to survive.

[-] 0 points by riethc (1149) 5 years ago

What utter nonsense.

[-] 1 points by lancealotlink (147) 5 years ago

The Democrats are in serious serious trouble oh bombknee will not be reelected with this lousy economy and besides build a burgers has already chosen Romney to be its errand boy. So it's Romney/Paul and I do mean Rand. Or Paul/Napolitano pick your poison.

So even if you were pulling for o bummer wouldn't you rather see them go against Barry Goldwater rather than George W Romney.

I'm terribly afraid that Republicans are going to wind up back in office and Romney might have Rand as a vice president but he'll have Poppy and Darth Vader whispering in his ear.

I hate Romney he will probably try to classify Occupy as they terrorist organization with a false flag attack. He would be the worst candidate for occupy and the poor people of this country.

At least Paul would fuck up the New World orders wet dream of reelecting George W Romney.

[-] 1 points by BradB (2693) from Washington, DC 5 years ago

hehehe ... I Agree w/ that ..... but lil mit don't stand a chance :) ... it's the state legislators that we need to worry about

[-] 1 points by lancealotlink (147) 5 years ago

dont be so sure just watch what happens tomorrow in cheese head country.

[-] 0 points by lancealotlink (147) 5 years ago

Prediction: Walker wins tomorrow Romney wins in November. any takers?


[-] 0 points by riethc (1149) 5 years ago

Not gonna happen. Paul works for Romney now, sorry