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Forum Post: PATRIOT PARTY: OWS Adapt, Learn, Grow or Stagnate

Posted 10 years ago on Jan. 1, 2012, 8:17 a.m. EST by gsw (3400) from Woodbridge Township, NJ
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LEARN FROM THE TEA party? Some of their members LIKE the 99 Percent declaration. https://sites.google.com/site/the99percentdeclaration/ Wrap them in your arms and help them.

The TEA party was EFFECTIVE in their goals because they had GOALS, had a public relations plan, had leaders, worked in the system, and did not try to emphasize their "radical-ness" but their historic roots Tea, Boston, anti-tax, constitution. They were out there, but not too far out. BE THE TEA PARTY'S NEW LEFT WING, AND OVERCOME THEM BY YOUR NUMBERS, ARGUMENTS. AND RIGHTEOUSNESS.

OWS must consider changing procedures, make itself presentable "mainstream" OWS is now THE PATRIOTS. be pro-for AMERICA, positive. Anti doesn't hold together-throws Americans for a loop, Modify the political system. ( I like the idea of ga's as a social movement, but to run a government???)

Therefore, you will need two branches: 1. POLITICAL 2 Nonprofit educational/social

  1. NOW BE PATRIOTS or THE SONS OF LIBERTY: OWS should change their name brand to a mainstream concept Americans can relate to, Numerous posts quote Washington, Jefferson as founders, forward thinking philosophers, radicals who were not afraid of saying how things are, and standing up for their issues on the merits of the issues. To run a government, I don't know if "mic check" is going to always work"

This PAC could endorse candidates, support them with money, and with your members votes.

Trying to change the system by banging drums and scaring moms with kids may or may not be working. It has gotten everyone's attention, BUT should not necessarily go away, incorporate that aspect in the religious branch if you wish.

2 GA - SOCIAL REVOLUTION You've seen the light, and are now free to practice your"occupy beliefs", if you will, which favors fixing social structures to more sustainable, friendly, connected ways. Now that it's your religion, Practice Away: agnostic or spiritual, doesn't matter-a more humanistic approach, modeled on bhudism for budda was agnostic, and didn't speak to existence of "God" becuause it was unprovable. You will believe in perfecting the individual, interpersonal relations, right actions, and creating a just society based on natural and/or scientific principals. Then you can keep the non-profit status for contributions. But that would not disallow Christian or Muslim believers, or the others. Meld and study all religions, scriptures and beliefs, to apply them to today, and not have any one more "valid" than the other. KNOWLEDGE AND PHILOSOPHY: study of , texts, media, classical and modern scriptures, be inclusive, but not "established" by the government. Education and Social expansion of the movement.

Just consider, where are you going to go from here? How are you going to evolve and change and adapt. You can keep your core of ows believers and practices, but really, I think there needs to be a spin-off soon that ties up with the 99 declaration, can work with politicians, or work against distasteful politicians, so you may need a PAC group as well.

Shoot me down. Or take this criticism as constructively.



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[-] 4 points by bensdad (8977) 10 years ago

Shoot me down. Or take this criticism as constructively.
I will do both
The tea potty plus the koch money plus the grover pledge may have done more long damage to our nation as a whole than World War II or 9/11
We must use the tea potty tactics - THEY WORK

But I believe changing the name "Occupy" - a world recognized cry for freedom and justice - makes no sense at all. And ANY connection to "church" or "religion" has so many obvious negatives, I wont begin to list them.

We need two tea potty inspired changes ( and these concepts were, to a lesser extent successfully used by NRA, AARP etc)
1 = a leader such as Elizabeth Warren or Russ Feingold
2 = a powerful shift from demonstrating to real political action

[-] 3 points by gsw (3400) from Woodbridge Township, NJ 10 years ago

the koch brothers are a stain on humanity, there supreme court ruling giving corporations human powers of speech is evil, I agree with every word you are saying, I am just experiencing personal cognitive dissonance, and trying to get all the puzzle pieces to align, so this movement doesn't fail. it is creating enemies, unfortunately, because it's methods are distasteful or appear childish to traditionalists. It's hard to find anything anymore, but a guy, maybe focus01, had a post "Wicked Problems" that was kind of informative, but one of the concerns was with a wicked problem, a treatise and systems analysis of problem solving, by getting all the players together and on the same page, and simultaneously mitigating the fragmentation, people having their own agendas, possibly blocking the project. With these huge, wicked problems, there is like only one attempt to fix the problem allowed. is ows looking palatable to the mainstream. would i want ows in my backyard, on my corner? I work in a library I enjoy my quiet and tranquility. I had label my wife a screamer last night, cause she is always ohyea!!!!! yahoo!!HAPPY NEW YEAR SO LOUD

oh and sorry when my typing and presentation are unclear and muffle my meaning.

[-] 1 points by gsw (3400) from Woodbridge Township, NJ 10 years ago

Good Response Bensdad. You are a reasonable communicator, again proven here.

Labels. We should get so stuck on labels. http://thirdearproject.org/site/

I wouldn't change the name occupy. They're the founders, just grow and expand there must always be occupiers and protesters.

but for many people, they can't wrap their heads around "no goals" and ga's in every corner.

The third ear project above: the presenter Alex claims we get too stuck on labels, and need to hear the persons' needs by listening with our third ear. You may wish to consult the resources.

if occupy is a quasi-spiritual, (nonviolent of course) then you are free to practice your beliefs. buda said "Wake up" thats what you want the people to do. I'm not religious. I am not a joiner. But i do hope i'm spiritual. make some connections, raise the world to a higher concsiousness. Add Rocky Anderson to your list, if you like.


[-] 2 points by KofAIII (234) 10 years ago

+10... I agree with a great many things within your post.

The 'problem' sells to be at OWS 'core'... Someone filed as a 501c3, making at least OWS's money 'non-profit' and thus legal bound to be apolitical. Their stated goal is to 'replace' our democratic republic with some form of direct democracy- GA on every corner, or something like that.

They do not want to work within the current system...

Instead they are dodging taxes, and are NOT seeking 527- P.A.C. status. They should, but they haven't and aren't.