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Forum Post: Patrick Howley, Michael Stack instigated the riot at Air&Space in Washington 10/8/2011

Posted 11 years ago on Oct. 12, 2011, 7:49 a.m. EST by vets74 (344) from New York, NY
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Patrick Howley confessed in a piece in The American Spectator where he is an Assistant Editor. Michael Stack was identified from OpEdNews photos and video on YouTube. Stack is the very large individual who charged the Museum guard starting off what turned into mayhem. The one big question for identifications this morning is whether James O'Keefe was also present wearing a disguise, in violation of his parole conditions in New Jersey.

Howley and Stack have been involved for years with right wing organizations including Leadership Institute people, plus having ties to the Koch brothers. Their actions at Air&Space resulted in dozens of peaceful demonstrators getting hit with pepper spray -- resulting in eye pain, nausea, and headaches. Media coverage of the event was turned to imply that these people had acted unlawfully.

Was this Howley-Stack start-a-riot scheme replicated in New York and Boston ? Did peaceful demonstrators find themselves hit with police batons (a.k.a. night sticks) and pepper spray as a direct result of right wing conspiracies ? How wide are these conspiracy ? For example, are the local units of Leadership Institute (HQ in Virginia) constituted as criminal "dirty tricks" operations ? Does this LI or any other organization recruit individuals to carry out these unlawful acts ?

Who is paying these people ? Since the event at Air&Space Museum was video recorded, similar to the earlier James O'Keefe ACORN video, was this done in anticipation of monetary gain ? Who or what organization is the paymaster behind the scenes for these thugs ?

Air & Space Museum is Federal property. People were hurt there, requiring medical attention. Several elderly people were put at risk to their lives. The whole fabric of Rule of Law in the United States was mocked. These demonstrators were savaged by misdirected police, as they objected to the Department of Justice's failure to prosecute Wall Street's financial-capitalism criminals for frauds that stole trillions of dollars with bogus mortgages and the $5-trillion scammed from pension funds.

How can we defend OWS anti-crime protestors in American cities from misdirected police actions ? How do we stop right wing anti-democracy thugs from replicating this Howley-Stack-Unknown scheme that worked like clock work at Air&Space ?



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[-] 0 points by vets74 (344) from New York, NY 11 years ago

Gee, what tactic was repeated at Zuccotti Park last night ?

[-] 0 points by vets74 (344) from New York, NY 11 years ago

Gee, who's missing ?

[-] 0 points by vets74 (344) from New York, NY 11 years ago

Commonality with the Oakland disaster: the police officers targeted at the start of the provocation actions were Blacks.

Note it now. Remember it later.

Another piece of information is that the Oakland masked vandals/arsonists gave false identification. Seem to be faking being "Travelers" as with Irish Travelers from South Carolina or Texas.


[-] 0 points by vets74 (344) from New York, NY 11 years ago

Sitting on investigations is encouraging the righties to expand their provocateur actions. No arrests have been made for provocateur crimes.

Parts of Oakland were subjected to arson by short-haired young men wearing costumes that simulate German anarchists from 15 years ago called "Black Block." Obviously the Baader-Meinhof Gang have been out of business for a long time. Those Black Block fans of theirs never, ever developed a following in America.

Then last week a crew of about 100 masked young men set about vandalism and arson. Most enthusiastically when police approached Occupy Oakland protesters, plus throwing things at the police.

To be clear, Occupy protesters are non-violent:

  1. Occupy people do not wear masks

  2. Occupy people have no beef with Main Street businesses

  3. So far the two main provocateurs from the Air and Space Museum riot have not been arrested despite that they have been identified.

One of them, Mike Stack, has connections to the staff of Rep. Darrell Issa.

Big time wannabe, that one. But of course Issa has his own history of criminal arrests.

Rightie policis is based on screaming "Librul Baby Killer !!" and blaming American democracy, a.k.a. "The Govrmint," for the Depression of 2008.

Well, Wall Street's criminals and the mortgage banks stole $7-trillion.

Getting agent provocateurs out there to sabotage Occupy Wall Street -- you betcha. Now its by the dozens.

It won't be long before they start getting people killed. That is how it goes.

In 2008/2009 George Anderson exploited Manhattan corruption to arrange a 16-day sentence for his DUI hit-and-run killing of Flo Cioffi. Now in 2011, rightie thugs have caused a riot at Air & Space Museum and burned buildings in Oakland. Police and local prosecutors, particularly, do seem to act as though they are their allies.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has a primary jurisdiction for police and judicial corruption. They surely have their political infiltrators out observing the leftie demonstrators. They know what is going on. So when do they act ?

Do these thugs have to blow up a part of a Baptist church and kill four little girls to get Federal attention ?

[-] 0 points by vets74 (344) from New York, NY 11 years ago

This is the "Mike" #goatsred goatsred Mike Stack.

Also, as one might have imagined this tangled criminality gets us to a search for the Big Boss. Let's try for clues:




These little turds are getting $76,000 and $100,000 a year in government money to lie on the internet at the behest of Rep. Darrell Issa.

Issa has quite the background himself.

Issa dropped out of high school and joined the Army. He claims his unit provided security for President Richard Nixon, sweeping stadiums for bombs at the 1971 World Series. Nixon did not attend that World Series. He was accused of taking a car from another soldier, Jay Bergey. In 1872 he was arrested twice -- for stealing a Maserati and having an unregistered pistol in his glove compartment along with 44 rounds and a tear gas gun. In 1979 he and his brother were involved in a scam with a Mercedes-Benz sedan. Issa had to buy the car from the victim, a dealership, for $17,000 cash. In 1982 a fire at his company was investigated by insurance forensic experts and determined to be alikely arson. Issa's $175,000 claim was settled for $20,000.

Perfect Republican.

Now head of the House Oversight Committee.

Oh, also, Issa faked firing Kurt Bardella when stolen emails were leaked from House computers. Hired him back less than a month later.

So... who stole those emails ???

The House running its own covert intel operation ??? Getting NSA to do it ? Or is the News International Murdoch crime syndicate running rampant here as strongly as in Great Britain ?

There'll be no Milly Dowling story in NYC. Murdoch and his co-conspirators have the NYPD and Manhattan prosecutor into the deal -- no prosecutions there on an argument that if anyone important gets prosecuted by locals then the whole of Wall Street will leave NYC overnight.

New York has nothing like the independence of The Met in London.

Anybody see Bloomberg and Cuomo supporting prosecution of Murdoch and Issa's "digital strategy" thugs ? No-no-no way.

Google - florence cioffi george anderson - see the level of blank check for criminality that the locals grant to Wall Street's bad boys. If The Feds don't do it, it never gets done. Not once in 20 years. Common Law Fraud is MIA.

Mike goatsred Stack did go over a line. He planned and executed a plan with Patrick Howley that caused injuries that required medical treatment from ambulance crews at Air and Space Museum. But compared to 1960s "Bombingham," this thuggery has a ways to go before it maxxes out. He has also visited Zuccotti/Liberty Park, so do expect an escalation.

Carnage at the level of Oakland or worse. Unless we are very careful. Same for the other Occupy sites. Expect repeats of the US Air and Space Museum provocateur action. Meanwhile USAO and Park Police and FBI could do better than appearing to be in the pockets of the likes of Issa and Murdoch and Anderson.

[-] 0 points by vets74 (344) from New York, NY 11 years ago

Images of the two men are available at Flickr: To view professionally done images:



Confronting Ofcr. McMorrow:











(Back of Stack's head, Howley in brown jacket between two front row protesters)


Full set:


Cheryl Biren photos


video shot by Rob Kall

Questions: what is US Park Police doing to follow up ? Same for the US Attorney and F.B.I. ?

Dirty tricks operations have now escalated to violence -- far beyond the Watergate burglary and the Louisiana invasion of a Senator's offices.

Do they need a bombing and dead bodies before they launch a full scale investigation ? This agent provocateur scheme put lives of several elderly protesters at risk for whom abulances were called and medical treatment required.