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Forum Post: OWS/UK and the US superspy station, at Menwith, and our own experiences, with surveillance

Posted 7 years ago on April 24, 2012, 1:57 p.m. EST by bobgnote (-55)
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Russia Today News reported last week, OWS is demonstrating against the US superspy station, at Menwith, UK. OWS-Leeds' Helen Alexander reported the station forwards political and corporate information, from surveillance, without examples.

I have a ready example, and I solicit others, here. In 1971, I was an entering junior, at CAL, and I took up guitar. By the end of the year, and the Fall quarter (CAL is on semesters, now), people connected to my students' co-op residence were coming up to me, to tell me they knew corporate musicians were making a ton of money, making copies of whatever I played. This included The James Gang and The Rolling stones, and by 1980, when I left Berkeley, the dupists ranged in title, from AC-ZZ, included, and they had about 2000 or so tracks, all note-for-note dupe.

WELL. I was trying to get in a band, but some people knew I was getting robbed, others acted like they didn't, but NOBODY would get in a group, of any kind, to play any of the styles I could play and compose in.

Some of the ripoffs got klnighted, like Paul McCartney and Elton John. I am wondering, what do OWS and other concerned persons know about the political and corporate collusion, evident to me since 1971, but which you other people might know about, in your own experience?

Trust me. I will NOT oppose those of you, who download tunes, for free. I wonder if all the corporate "artists" are not ripoffs. I know the Bonnie and Clyde movies and those after used dupe-music, in their soundtracks, and I believe screenplays are influenced, by real-life facts, such as ours.

Also, I want to know if any of you have noticed cops or others, able to track your movements, legal or otherwise. I know they can use satellites, microwave media, and phones, hung up, even.

Your thoughts, please. Don't pay the pigs, if you don't have to.



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