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Forum Post: OWS's angel: Rachel Corie ...

Posted 6 years ago on April 18, 2012, 1:15 p.m. EST by hsymbolicus (2)
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I heard the story of the IDF bulldozer running over Rachel Corie in Gaza from an eye witness/friend of hers … and I was very angry/distressed as I listened to it, yet I could also feel the love in her OWS kind of assertiveness, so I (kind of) dealt with it by writing a poem in a sense dedicated to/personated by her and the ideals of human solidarity, fighting abuse, ... she stood and died for (poem got way more encompassing ;-) but I think she would have loved that)

http://hsymbolicus.wordpress.com/category/poems/ (lies ...)

I love you guys (for more than one reason), but I think more than (and/or in addition to) the annoyance of occupying physical space (which, in a sense, makes things easier for the police/rulers ;-)), OWS/we should engage/occupy their lies. The media is what we should be fighting primarily





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[-] 2 points by hsymbolicus (2) 6 years ago

occupy their lies ...

there is plenty that doesn't seem to be "fit to print", so as a courtesy of their own media people in the states don't even begin to realize their own government has been 9/11ing countries all along, apparently because "Gob blessed terrorism" is just fine and dandy

just imagine (as Lennon would say) people wearing T-shirts or tattoos with statements on like; "our tax payers monies at work: Bishops Oscar Romero from el Salvador, Juan Gerardi from Guatemala, ... killed for simply stating the truth, by people we trained at the 'School of the Americas'", or "the prorated killing of 'our heroes' more than doubled Nazis' during WW2" (here some basic Math will help), or "Cubana Flight 455: the CIA bombed an airplane in midair full of teenagers 'in order to defend freedom and democracy'" ...

Stating basic truisms that are part of how we understand reality, such as "We Are The 99%", is as important as questioning their lies, yet questioning their lies I think is more effective because they need their lies to survive. I find telling how much the 'free' media in the states can go away with by labeling as "communist" anything socially conscious anyone would articulate