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Forum Post: OWS_Support - Pea Pod Kickstarter Campaign - Donating Cold Weather outerwear for the movement!

Posted 6 years ago on Dec. 10, 2011, 5:27 p.m. EST by Josh7114 (3)
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The OWS movement has served as the impetus to our efforts. We need your support in able to make the PeaPod come to life. This is a a complete not-for-profit effort but a complete 100% supportive effort.

This effort is in complete support of the Occupy movement and without your support, the PeaPod will not become a reality. I would also extend an invitation to discuss with us any alterations to the design that might make the product more useful to your needs.

The idea of hundreds of protestors linked arm in arm under a singular cause has been uplifting, and the physical sight of hundreds linked arm in arm under one continuous color will be intimidating! LINK-UP!

Please feel free to contact us at nyouarch@ksu.edu and jpark108@gmail.com



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[-] 1 points by Josh7114 (3) 6 years ago

C'mon everyone, we really need your support so we can provide support!