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Forum Post: OWS Protester Responds Sheepishly, "I dunno."

Posted 10 years ago on Sept. 6, 2012, 11:22 a.m. EST by paulmichael (1)
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On the news, not so long ago, a OWS protester was interviewed by a T.V. news reporter.

The reporter asked the protester: "What would you like to see happen?"

The protester answered sheepishly, "I dunno."

Well, if you protesters want to protest something concrete, something specific, why don't you protest equal employment opportunity and equal pay laws?

Years ago, I wrote a treatise which presented not only how equal employment opportunity downwardly equalized wages but also how it caused the absolutely worst ilk to ascend the management hierarchies in the public and private sectors.

For insight as to why the worst of the bunch is ascending the managerial ranks, I refer you to my post in the Debate forum of another website entitled: "Why There's So Much Dishonesty In Gov't (and In The Private Sector, Too)" at http://pilotsfor911truth.org/forum/index.php?showtopic=22122 .

Any employer or landlord who operates under the illogical system of government enforced equality will treat all Whites and Blacks equally like [plural n-word deleted]. Such managerial ilk will stab both Whites and Blacks in the back, and, among other things, ship their jobs overseas.

The following is a sampling of Q and A's from my treatise entitled "The Downward Wage Equalizing Effects of Equal Employment Opportunity:"


Question: Can you give me a quick rundown of the self-correcting forces of the labor marketplace which are downwardly equalizing every worker's wage to the perceived value of the least preferred job candidate within job category?

Answer: Certainly. They are inflation, wage concessions, downsizings, mergers and acquisitions, exporting of jobs to foreign countries ("Globalism"), the relocation of operations to low-wage states, the rush to automation, the push to be the industry's low-cost producer, the outsourcing of work to non-union shops, unpaid overtime, the utilization of immigrant, temporary, and part-time workers, conversion of workers to independent contractors, the elimination of benefits, the elimination of the 35 hour workweek, and more.

Question: Do you think that the rush to automation is motivated by EEO concerns?

Answer: Yes, and there is no doubt about it. Companies would rather not attempt to hire preferred workers if they are going to encounter legal headaches from the government for not hiring unpreferred workers as well. One way out of this quandary is to substitute automation for human labor. It is not unusual to see a corporate manager rush to buy the latest released piece of machinery costing a fortune, but he will be loath to approve a ten-cent-an-hour raise for a deserving worker. The thing is that upon close examination you will very frequently see situations in which automation in business is being woefully misutilized to the point of offering negative returns in terms of efficiency, productivity, and economy. A case in point is the automated baggage system at the new airport in Denver. This system cost a tremendous amount of money and was so horrendously bad that it delayed the opening of the new airport for months and months and months. It was probably obvious very early on that humans could have and should have been substituted, but they were not. You see comparable situations when it comes to the misuse of personal computers, mainframe computers, robotics, and such everywhere!

Question: Also on the evening network news, there was an item about IBM and other employers in various industries converting their employees to independent contractors without customary benefits. Is this a symptom of the downward wage equalizing effects of EEO?

Answer: Yes! You bet it is! Not only are benefits being downwardly equalized to nothing in this way, but there are other less obvious ramifications as well. Independent contractors are normally paid by the hour, so you will encounter certain days when at noon the employer will say to the contractor, "We have nothing for you to do for the rest of the day, so go home now. Don't come in at nine tomorrow because we will not be ready for you. Give us a call at around eleven, and we'll let you know if we need you in the afternoon (or evening, or late at night) tomorrow." Of course the downtime for the idle hours will not be billable. The company pulls the same routine if there is a holiday office party. In this case the independent contractor will be told to stay away for a whole unpaid day. This writer has personally experienced it all.

Question: In a free market environment, female workers have historically earned salaries which are approximately 60% to 65% of the salaries of males doing the same work. Does equal pay for females mean that men will have to take a real wage cut of 35% to 40%?

Answer: No, if females demand equal pay, the real wage cut for men will be much greater than 40%, AND there will be substantial real wage cuts for most women as well! The figures you are quoting are averages. The downward wage equalizing mechanism set into motion by equal employment opportunity DOES NOT work with averages. This downward equalizing mechanism will take the real wage levels of all men and all women (within a job category) down to the perceived value of the least preferred female job candidate (within the job category) even if this candidate is never hired by anyone. Because many other segments of the population are protected by equal employment opportunity, everyone's real wages will go from the value of the least preferred female job candidate, down even further to the perceived value of the very least preferred job candidate (within job category) even if this least preferred job candidate is never hired by any employer.




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[-] 1 points by freewriterguy (882) 10 years ago

even installing and maintaining automation creates jobs. Hell id rather see more corporations creating automatic machines and let the people install them and maintain them than see a poor soul damage his nerves with a repetititive motion injury by doing the same assembly line thing every day!

[-] 1 points by shoozTroll (17632) 10 years ago

So what you are saying here in effect, is that any corporation or landlord, will use any excuse they can think of, to lower wages/raise rents, in order to raise their own profit margins, regardless of the consequences?

It sure took you a lot of pointless fluff to put that across