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Forum Post: OWS NYC Facilitators --Constructive Criticism of 11.15 GA

Posted 10 years ago on Nov. 16, 2011, 5:28 p.m. EST by SaRaIam (105)
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I was sorely disappointed with the facilitators at the GA last night. I'd been down outside Zuccotti Park almost all day, and was really tired, but decided to stay for the G.A. as yesterday was such an important day. There was a big crowd, eager for some clarity, information and direction. What did we get?

First the facilitator asked that everyone spend 10 minutes getting "grounded" by talking to their neighbors. Hey! Most people had been down there all day talking to each other all day. We didn't need to take precious time from the GA to do that. Most of the crowd of people who were standing outside the park on Broadway to listen to the GA left in those 10 minutes.

Then, when it seemed the facilitators were going to get down to business, they said "let's take 15 seconds of silence for our brothers and sisters in jail." Well, it took the facilitator 15 seconds to sit down, and then he started counting the 15 seconds. Yawn!!

There was lots of flowery speech about "we love you" and let's be self-congratulating. I left 40 minutes into the GA and nothing of substance had been said.

Meanwhile, there were important issues to cover; what was the exact status of the rules for staying in Zuccotti park, what were the next steps, what was planned for Nov. 17th, etc. etc. Soon after I left it started raining pretty steadily, so that time the facilitators squandered really was precious.

All that being said, I say it only because I want this movement to work, because I believe if a mass movement of standing up to corporate power and greed doesn't take root and grow now, we can pretty well figure that from here on out we will live in a corporate-controlled fascist country and world. It will take everyone doing their part to resist the stranglehold the military-industrial-complex has on government, the media, the economy etc.

Please, you need better facilitators. There's no time to waste!



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[-] 2 points by SaRaIam (105) 10 years ago

OWS NYC Faciltators, Please Read this Post! Don't squander people's attention!

[-] 1 points by SaRaIam (105) 10 years ago

Message to NYC GA Facilliatators: When you have everyone's attention, please say something of substance! Please read the critique posted here.