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Forum Post: OWS needs ONE goal to send the message!!!

Posted 11 years ago on Jan. 19, 2012, 1:36 a.m. EST by thetruth007 (0)
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We can all agree the system is broken. We need to send a message. The rich have created a system where they all ways win, and we continue to lose. We need to unite and stop the feeding into the system. They have created an ingenious system where they pay us in a game where we produce like cattle and they call it a job. Then what we do with our paycheck is spend it on their products which we already know they own, tangible and intangible. The government and the rich cannot exist without us, we are their cattle. Pay no bills going forward after April 15th 2012, ie taxes, rent, mortgage, cars, credit cards. This is the only way this machine can be stopped. It is like running the car out of fuel. Eventually their reserves will run dry(Government, Municipalities, Corporations). Courts can not function when judges paychecks bounce. Police will not arrest when they are not receiving taxes for normal functions. This is the only way to send the message. I know there will be a lot of comments saying I am crazy, but I want you to internalize it and realize what is being said here. Think about the system and how it was designed, really look at it and you will see its beauty.



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