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Forum Post: OWS Must Encourage Burned Investors to Fight Back in Securities Arbitration.

Posted 6 years ago on Feb. 7, 2012, 6:31 p.m. EST by fraudfight (2) from Santa Monica, CA
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One of the leading goals and objectives of the OWS movement nationwide and worldwide must be, and is, to fight for and bring justice and compensation to investors burned by Wall Street.

Those of us who fight in the trenches everyday to recover money for Main Street investors lost due to the misdeeds of Wall Streeters are disappointed that the OWS movement does not more actively work - person by person, outreach by outreach, - to promote and let burned investors know that if they have been abused by Wall Street real recourse exists.

Real world, real life, Main Street lost the money and Wall Street must pay it back, working, active, in-place securities arbitration and mediation.

We must have as a goal to publicize securities arbitration via every platform available to each of us so that the number of new arbitration case filings in 2012 approaches 500,000 rather than the putrid less than 5,000 new cases in 2011.

For this advocate and Main Street rep covering the last two plus decades working for burned investors, I would have thought that the OWS movement would have resulted in a groundswell and a rapid increase of new arbitration cases filed by and for real people ripped off by Wall Street. Let's all work to make 2012 the year of securities arbitration.

In-place, effective, affordable, available: When investors are burned by Wall Street they can fight back and they can win. Issues of suitability, misrepresentation, failure to monitor account activity, failure to supervise accounts (suitability is a continuous concept, btw), churning and burning, and other issues give rise to arbitration cases. And they work and they can win.

Let all of us wherever we live and work join together to publicize securities arbitration and mediation as a viable avenue of exploration for burned investors. Use all the platforms that are available to set forth well and often all year that we must not and need not any longer tolerate families being ripped off by Wall Street. That justice and repayment can come to burned investors who fight back. That those who fail to fight back against Wall Street are guaranteed one thing: they will lose twice.

Let's dedicate ourselves to helping one another. Dedicate ourselves to letting everyone know that securities arbitration is not theory but is reality that can work if worked well and hard. And it is here and now.

We would all be pleased if securities arbitration new case filings in 2012 hit 500,000 new cases with FINRA, NYSE. It may just be a dream, but we can know that OWS is focused and working if that number is hit.



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[-] 1 points by tinker199 (1) 6 years ago

Great piece, fraudfight. I too am surprised by the low numbers securities arbitration has seen since the "occupy" movement took hold. Perhaps it's that American really don't quite understand what it is they are occupying for... and it IS our responsibility as professionals in this field to publicize securities arbitration and mediation as an alternative to those in the movement with real claims. The same individuals, I might add, may be too caught up in the media hype surrounding the protests to fully realize all of their alternatives-- and it is up to us to show them what they can do with arbitration.