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Forum Post: OWS Musician Collaboration: Online Free Talent, 70s - 80s influence, Djimbe, Guitar, Cedar Flute, Drum Kit

Posted 6 years ago on Jan. 30, 2012, 5:38 a.m. EST by Middleaged (5140)
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Old dude (40s) wondering about oppurtunities for colaboration with musicians in OWS online.

Where are the music recordings to keep OWS and other Occupys alive???

I don't like being dominated by know it alls, or control freaks (that is the area where right wing or religious zealots take away our rights).

I have sort of suppressed my natural or possible talent while doing the survival bit in a career field (prostitution). I am talented in rhythm or percussion. I can create while running through chords, and appreciate any lessons. Unfortuantely....I have lived as a loner or a rebel, but this means my raw lyrics and feelings will be deep.

My orientations: 70s, 80s retro, 90s metal, Djimbe, Guitar, Cedar Flute, Drum Kit.

Have some newer equipment, Modern Amp with many effects, have new computer with MS Operating System, have a sound effects module, and have a module that is suppose to aid recording on the computer.

I could as easily move toward video since I am starting at zero. I have a wack humor, 30 years experience as an adult, maybe near 200 credits toward college (various between business, history, psychology, liberal arts like literature and a bit of obsession with movies, I like the video as a medium for change, my sense of humor is wack, and I can substitute as martial arts extra with advance notification (but I am not body guard or security type)).

Either this or I can write, or I could maybe support movement in Europe if I can get place to sleep (Europe Sleeping Space). I don't mind NY, but don't see how people can rent in NYC, Broklyn, Harleem, Queens. I'd live in a tent or occupation with some help for santiation every once in a while.

I have enough experience to be a executive of utility. I feel US & Euro Banks, Water, Electricy, and some Agriculture should be managed as Utility. I wish I had a job where I could just govern or deal with the city, but WHO WOULDN"T WANT A JOB LIKE THAT??? I figure if you would like to try to run a business, maybe a utility is the best place to start as a vice president or some kind of executive. NGO organizations are probably the place to start. My start (my first Career) supports the lyrics of Judas priest, Iron Maiden, (major rebellion rock and roll).... the interpretations of OWS.



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