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Forum Post: OWS litmus test :Boycott Black Friday, Retailers trying to be one step ahead.

Posted 12 years ago on Nov. 5, 2011, 7:01 p.m. EST by daverao (124)
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We have to change our strategy to make boycott black friday a success. We do not shop for gifts and shop just for needs. This will be litmus test for us as its success will prove 99% are with us.




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[-] 1 points by ThisIsNotCapitalism (156) from Redmond, WA 12 years ago

See the comments below? Black Friday will be a tough sell. I proposed December 1st as National Strike Day. I am personally willing to do both. In fact I will!

[-] 1 points by number2 (914) 12 years ago

i've had my heart set on a new laptop. can i still get one?

[-] 0 points by justaguy (91) 12 years ago

Sure, that will hit them where it hurts.

Might hurt the millions of small businesses that hope and pray for that to be a day that will let them stay in business just a bit longer, but they need to be taught a lesson too.

[-] 1 points by oaklandcami (71) 12 years ago

A lot of people are framing this idea as a way to support small business. Boycott big retailers... support small business instead.

[-] 0 points by roloff (244) 12 years ago

I agree I want less people at the store so I get the good shit first

[-] 1 points by stevemiller (1062) 12 years ago

Why wait? Boycott 1 TV station. I forgot OWS people don't watch TV. Watch C-span to know what is happening in the committees.

The message needs to be to elect a 3rd party to fight the government that is bribed. Then changing campaign finance will work. Telling crooks taking bribes to stop is ridiculous. read more -- http://overthecoals.blogspot.com/

[-] 0 points by roloff (244) 12 years ago

Cspan is boring though I would much rather watch "The Walking Dead"

[-] 1 points by stevemiller (1062) 12 years ago

Its fascinating to me. There are at least 20,000,000 C-span junkies.

[-] 0 points by roloff (244) 12 years ago

Wow, I would never guess that over 5% of the US would be that active

[-] 1 points by stevemiller (1062) 12 years ago

That's because you don't watch it. Its like anything else. there are things I don't watch. But that is where the action is. You will learn that the media misleads everybody with propaganda lies. You will hear stupid questions from the media.

Go to my blog. I expose the big stuff everyday.