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Forum Post: OWS Forum are SWARMING With Intelligence Operatives

Posted 6 years ago on Oct. 24, 2011, 6:19 p.m. EST by vox (27) from Brooklyn, NY
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Unfortunately "open" freedom seeking movements such as OWS are easy prey for the infiltration and undermining by the various intelligence agencies and their informants and now privatized firms who are well paid with tax dollars to infect such forums and movements. You can spot the posts by the spooks. You see the average American simply has neither the time nor the inclination to make such efforts as the vehement diatribes posted here against the movement, Americans are an ambivalent people most of the time. AND they are simply too busy struggling for dear survival to even fight such an obviously necessary and well received movement as OWS is. No, these posts are coming from a well orchestrated system that has been in place for a long time. We saw it happen to the nascent "INDYMEDIA" movement which exploded onto the scene around 1999 and became a beacon of hope for truthful reporting, then suddenly around the time of the US Government's covert attacks on the WTC you started seeing all these posts about killing jews, and racist comments using the word "nigger", and people posing as liberals but claiming that the people running indymedia were nutcases, etc. And literally within seconds of thoughtful accurate posting of news the comment section would be filled with this right wing garbage and unfortunately unless people who are not experienced in this kind of subversion are warned that this garbage is coming from intelligence agencies in many cases this turns out to be quite a potent methodology to destroy the effectiveness of an organization. People tend to go along with the crowd and if the "crowd" (as represented by the comment section under the article) appears to denigrate the content of the article people unfortunately are very much swayed by these deceptive misinformation tactics of the intelligence services. It was all coming from the FBI and the NSA and also military intelligence got into the picture and there are many reports confirming the existence of these networks whose purpose is to destroy the effectiveness of such movements. Then all of the sudden the very hierarchy of the Indymedia organization was so infested with these infiltrators that they would not even entertain any articles regarding the mounting evidence that implicated the US Govt in the attacks of 911.

In other words one of the first truly effective and massive independent news networks was killed within 3 years of it's beginning and is now not a very important or vital force in the alternative distribution of real news like it was in it's first two years of explosive and exciting growth.

The best response is to "Disinfect" the forums. Disinfection is different from censorship. Disinfection is the removal of the tsunami of posts that appear to emanate from these agencies.

Americans are fully behind the OWS protests, but you couldn't tell that if you watched the other vehicles of these intelligence agencies such as CNN and FOX and all the rest of the television based news media.

Whenever a glimmer of light and truth emerges it is quickly followed by this barrage of textbook infiltration techniques. And soon the very hierarchy of the OWS movement along with the forums will also be infiltrated. I am for openness in the leadership structure of the movement. In other words the movement is too important to allow the anonymity of it's leadership.

And as for these Intelligence agency operatives who are swarming all over this forum, make them prove who they are and what their background is.

And also there needs to be an educational section possibly even a warning in the header of this OWS forum website that warns people that the Intelligence agencies are subverting the forums and to disregard many of the comments and articles here. It's a fine line to tread when dealing with this ultra right wing fanatics who control the money and can spend it on such misinformation but measures must be taken now to prevent what happened to Indymedia from happening to OWS forums and the organization itself.



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[-] 2 points by gawdoftruth (3698) from Santa Barbara, CA 6 years ago

excellent points.

[-] 1 points by plu (1) 6 years ago

internet forum + open + no moderator = trolls

This forum is for trolls writing rubbish. This is not the movement.

If you want to know what the movement is, go to liberty square to see how people work or read the general assembly minutes.

[-] 1 points by ThisWeWillDefend (30) 6 years ago

Many of the posts you get that diagree with you and the OWS movement are from regular folks like me. I am a cold war vet. Once I got out of the military, I worked an 8 hour day as an electricians helper for 4 years at near minimum wage. After a typical 8 hour day, I attende night school and got home close to 11PM. This went on for 4 years until I completed the electrical apprentiship proram and took my journeymans exam. I had to lean a trade as there was no civilian related job for a combat engineer. I've been married 26 years and have a 16 year old son.

My point is this, no matter how much you hate america and complain, we have it much better than any other country. If that were not true then why do the Hatian boat people bypass Cuba(53 miles, the Turks and Caicos(110miles), Jamaica (124 miles), and the Cayman Islands (440miles) so that they can travel 523 miles to the Florida Coast?

Is it because they can realize their potential more in America than in a country with a benevolent dictator? ABSOULUTLY. Still here in America you can go from rags to riches. All you need is drive, focus, a vision and a plan as well as a willigness to take certain risks (nothing risks, nothing gained). Guess what? What you don't need is a goverment handout to do so. Look at the accomplishments of guys like Steve Jobs and the like. God helps those who help themselves

[-] 1 points by MadAsHellInTX (598) from Shepherd, TX 6 years ago

You mention Steve Jobs. You should watch a film called "The Pirates of Silicon Valley". It's an eye opener.

[-] 1 points by MadAsHellInTX (598) from Shepherd, TX 6 years ago

I agree. pfft, calling those twats on their bullshit is starting to feel like a full time unpaid job. They should be kicked and banned as soon as they're id'd as trolls. (which for most of them isn't hard to do; their insane and spiteful spittle gives them away.)

[-] 1 points by vox (27) from Brooklyn, NY 6 years ago

agreed there responses and their posts are too quick to be genuine. REAL Americans are too busy STRUGGLING FOR DEAR SURVIVAL to be concerned with fighting this movement and the rich don't have the time to do so because they are too busy LUXURIATING IN THEIR WEALTH.

[-] 0 points by mserfas (652) from Ashland, PA 6 years ago

I don't know where such trolls come from - it doesn't have to be any "intelligence agency" you'd call as such, and I really doubt they lower themselves to it. But the trolls can be viewed as both a problem and an opportunity. The fact is, the entire Internet is struggling to find a way to create forums where the best ideas, no matter who submits them, can rise to the top. My.barackobama.com didn't really succeed, nor did change.gov - they just came up with ways for the earliest, most recognizable submissions to come up. I think it can be done, it's just a matter of exactly how the forums are organized, exactly how people vote for content they like. The reward for whoever finally gets it right is not just fame and a beautiful OWS site, but a sizeable fortune in Internet commerce.

[-] 0 points by Rael (176) 6 years ago

Is a troll anyone who disagrees with anyone here? A dissenting voice is not a troll.

[-] 1 points by MadAsHellInTX (598) from Shepherd, TX 6 years ago

Honest dissenters aren't trolls, and are willing to debate to find out more. The trolls aren't up to debate at all; they try to shout you down with insults and stupidity.

[-] 1 points by vox (27) from Brooklyn, NY 6 years ago

i see more of the youtube style hate spewing that is typical of a thoughtless populace emboldened by the anonymity of not getting the shit beaten out of them because they can hide behind such anonymity. these are powerless people who get a little power erection by slagging people off online...


[-] 1 points by MadAsHellInTX (598) from Shepherd, TX 6 years ago


Such as the pro-Ohbummer posts, or the pro-Paulie posts? Clearly pro-corporate rightwinger bull in those posts, and definitely paid for weaseling. I can smell the Moveon and Teabagger affiliation behind that crap.

[-] 1 points by vox (27) from Brooklyn, NY 6 years ago

the fact is that only VERY INTERESTED parties pay such close attention to movements that are antithetical to their "beliefs" And those very interested parties in this case are PAID INTELLIGENCE OPERATIVES from the FBI, NSA and Military Intelligence.

[-] 1 points by NielsH (212) 6 years ago

Don't forget the Beavis and Butthead types who come for "a laugh"