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Forum Post: OWS Encrypted Chat (tell big brother "GO TO HELL")

Posted 6 years ago on Feb. 26, 2012, 5:38 a.m. EST by OWSCOmpScientist (1)
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Hey guys its me Harvey. A few close friends and I (Blue Tent w/ pink circles if anyone remembers) developed a nifty little encrypted chat program that works off the chrome frame. I figured this would be useful as I know for a fact that big brother is monitoring our activity on here. As of now the chat is encrypted in both AES and RC4 (more coming). Just download the program, open it, Click OWS and register through the encrypted reg system. We already have about 30 guys on there, but I cant wait to hear from the rest of you! We even have a guy from Anonymous helping out. Ill post a few different mirrors: http://zalil.ru/32778731 http://www.filehold.net/files/a619763e685b5977e7eac8b120390a13.exe



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[-] 1 points by OWSCOmpScientist (1) 6 years ago

If you have trouble after registering pst back here and I'll provide support!