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Forum Post: OWS #S17 Anniversary Participatory Walking Tour and Cartography Party

Posted 4 years ago on Sept. 9, 2013, 12:41 p.m. EST by grimwomyn (35) from New York, NY
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What did you experience, and where? How can one other’s stories help us see our city differently? Join us as we rewrite the map of the Financial District in celebration of the second anniversary of Occupy Wall Street. If you participated in the Occupy movement yourself, or you’re interested in hearing the memories of those who did, this is a unique opportunity to remember what happened and plan for greater things to come.

Participatory Walking Tour

4 pm to 7 pm - Starting at Bowling Green Beginning near the Charging Bull statue where it all began, we’ll walk together to different sites across the Financial District and share our stories of what happened there—the moments of triumph, the policy brutality, the corporate opponents in our midst. Facilitators will guide a participatory discussion in which all who come can be guides to one another. Check #owswalk for updates on where we are if you come late.

Cartography Party

7 pm to 10 pm - 16 Beaver St., 4th floor In the evening, join us for celebration, mingling, and facilitated discussion on the past and future of the Occupy rupture. Expect: a collaborative map-making activity; discounted copies of new books about the movement; living relics from the Occupy anarchives; and much more. Please bring a drink or snack to share.

Both events are free and open to the public.




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[-] 4 points by shadz66 (19985) 4 years ago

Resist Any And All Recuperation By Those PTB And Their ''Spectacle'' !!!

Alors Mes Amis ! Vive La Dérive !! Parce que, la beauté est dans la rue !!!

Happy 2nd Birthday OWS !!! Occupy ALL Streets !! Solidaridad Siempre !

For some deeper insights into our plight, see : http://vimeo.com/68334467

respice, adspice, prospice ...

[-] 2 points by DKAtoday (33496) from Coon Rapids, MN 4 years ago

You may or may not like this suggestion - BUT - How would you all that are taking the walking tour like to have a short story that you could share?

Kind of my attempt at a short snapshot of the wallstreet issue: ( feel free to print and share )

Our story began something like this:

DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNN ( rumble of thunder - flash of lightning - a very loud sharp explosive crack - and screaming horses heard...... um wait ... that was young frankenstien - right? I mean "Blucher" - a rumble of thunder - flash of lightning - a very loud sharp explosive crack - and screaming horses heard - yep yep ok sorry - we continue) :

aAHHHHELLHEELLHHHELLPHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Help it's on my face.......... is that brooks-brothers it is wearing? aaAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHAaiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee no no NOOOO now IT'S SNORTING COKE ( KOCH ? ) AND GETTING MORE ENRAGED eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaa aaaa the claws on it's tentacles iiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeee bad manicure u say? sorry my bad but ya gotta admitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i i it's gotten my wallet owwwww the things it's doing to my credit and debit cards aaaa help somebody pour salt on this thing or something eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaa how the hell did it get my mortgage Don't Go Out Tonight ............ bound to take your life badmoonsontheriseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee chokechokechoooough damn it's saturated with obsession............losing consciousness............

slap . . . slap heyHey buddy you OK?

ummm wa wha what happened where am I?

It's ok buddy I gotcha - man you are lucky that I came along when I did....what are those things?

b b b brokers I think...............ohhhh ugh ( retch ) what is that sickly smell?

YOU MEAN THOSE THINGS ARE PEOPLE???? - the smell ? - OH yeah - it's better then it was - it was that thing that attacked you - man what a stench..................

in that they were once human is only a c c c co conjecture a a a-theory at this time......................

Where did they all come from???

. . .it is thought that they were mutated by the toxic meltdown of wallstreet

OMG this is bad this is real bad......

.........water...got some water?......

.....uh? oh .... Hang on bud I'll see what I can find......

I heard yyyou saying that this was bad...real Bad.....why???

....Well it is just a thought - but - what if they spread?....


EXACTLY - O - M - G.......

.........b bubut what about the National Gaurd can't they be called in???

Sure sure once they rotate back from the middle east I spose....Damn the timing couldn't be much worse

...wa wah-what about thththe police??? they can handle this...can't they???

Well now there-in lies the rub....

what do you mean - rub?

Well whats the city supposed to do ? - I mean we got that handful of dangerous protestors they been watching - does the city risk letting them roam free prancing around protesting how every thing is all fucked up - while they see about the meltdown mutants?

just what is it that makes these protestors - so - Dangerous anyway ?

Well it's not that they are a physical threat to anyone - well not in an in your face immediate beat-down kind of thing. No it is because the city - the government - the corp(se)oRATions are afraid that the average individual might hear them and actually listen to what they are saying - then - Worse - They are afraid that the people will take a real good look around them - not just looking at this City or State or this Country - But the Whole World as well - AND - AGREE - agree that things are truly fucked up and that the government State & Fed are not working with the people to make things better. Damn I wouldn't want to be in their shoes - not right now anyways - why you couldn't pay me enough ta make me wanna........

for a couple a mil?.....

....well that might take the sting out a little.....heh heh.......

but ummm going back to what you were saying - isn't it worse to do nothing about the mutants and the meltdown? I mean - isn't that what the protestors are protesting?

EXACTLY But for some insane reason they the government are actually making things worse.

how so?

Well you have heard about the stimulus program haven't you?

ok yeahhh go on

Well - does it not seem to you that they the government are throwing fuel onto the fire?

Yeah that does seem pretty insane...

... ok now - Be right back.........

Interlude - at the store:

That'll $1.98 plus tax, for the water sir. Don't drink it all in one place..........:)

I C It's been filtered AND flavorised too.

*OH - right - That'll be another $4.99 plus tax for the water enhancer, sir. Water's not free you know.

SHIT yeah I forgot i was rememberizing back to the days when fresh water was just that - fresh water....I wonder what happened ............ ....seems like a fairy tale now....

Oh? You wanted "fresh"? That'll be another $2.98 plus tax sir. You know it costs money to put "fresh" on the label.......:) That's $10.50 total.

Will that be cash, credit, or debit? paper or plastic? Have a nice day.

Can I have a generic?

Yes That will be $2.56 And remember.......absolutely no smoking and keep it away from heat sources. Sign here, here and here.

That's more like it...........thanks

Don't forget your complimentary iodine tab......................:)

Ummm it doesn't say on the bottle - but I see different bands of darker water in the bottle - is that the generic flavorization? Am I supposed to shake it before opening?

Sir? If you don't want the generic water and your free iodine tab? There's a drinking fountain in the town square, right next to the oil derrick. Enjoy. There are paying customers waiting.

Sorry I don't generally buy bottled water - is this a new generic brand? Frackenlicious - huh - and look at the bottom of the label in small print - "Koch it's the real thing" - huh funny that reminds me of an olden timey soda commercial I once saw in a school history class. BTW - is it really necessary to take this with the iodine tab? or is that just a marketing gimmick? I saw a commercial where they were also adding quinine. Are you adding quinine? or is that just some fancy schmantsy upper crustal area thing?

What do you mean you don't buy bottled drinking water? Are you from Mars, or something? What other kind is there? Look sir, you already signed for it, so pay up, and you can read the fine print later. I'll print it out for only a dollar. Geeze, I just sell the stuff. they bottle it in back on the night shift. Come back later and ask them..........................:)

Ya know? That fancy quinine stuff? I think that is one of the Halliburton Bottling Plant products. Anyway sorry for the time Buy buy - till ladder-on.

If you have malaria, there's a walk in clinic down the street. Only $200 per service. I heard the free iodine is for "possibly" radiation. So, hey.....no worries...............:)

OH Hey thanks for the heads-up - only $200.00 you say - wow what a steal - thanks again - and here all this time I thought you were just an A-hole looking for the sale and hustling the traffic out the door as fast as possible - well that'll learn me - what was that ancient saying? hmmm ( I think this is the right useage - ahh who cares he likely won't know the reference anyhoo ) - ummm - It says one should not judge a book by it's cover ( damn I hope that was proper useage I just hate looking like a fool - WTF is a book anyway? - that's the problem with ancient sayings - so damn cryptic ) - anyway Buy Buy.

Buy and save!! You can't save, if you don't and the more you buy, the more you save! So, would like two bottles? One to shit on and one to cover it up with?

( daymn this guy "is" a hard-core salesman ) HeeeHeeeHeee and handing out good business sense - man did I have you pegged wrong.............. ummmm yeah and again buy buy.

Interlude - our hero returns to the stranger he saved:

Sorry it took me so long to get the water buddy but the store was crazy - I did manage to get one of those generic brands though and look - it came with a free Iodine tab..

...thanks but what do we do now?

...What can we do - we will have to call in FEMA......

Do you think that is wise?

......Of Course Not - but it's something - right?.....

thinking about the mutants and the wallstreet toxic meltdown producing them?...

Yeah? Go On What cha got.....

  • well I am thinking that the authorities have gotten it wrong* ......


No No wait - I think you misunderstand - yeah most of those idiots in office - State & Fed are less then useless - but this one is different - welllll - kinda sorta anyway - I think that they kinda got the cause and effect backwards ....

Now what the Hell is "that" supposed to mean . . .

what it means is - that wallstreet didn't go toxic 1st - no - it was the workers on wallstreet - starting from the very top and trickling on down - it really sucks - but it looks like the 1st and only trickle down program that ever worked - WAS - TOXIC . . .

SHIT . . .

yes nice connection - toxic shit - indeed - because if this hypothesis is correct . . .

OH GOD something tells me I ain't gonna like what you say next ....

yeah I feel ya man - but if the hypothesis is correct - well then that means - that means - OH GOD - that the mutants are

- dun dun dunnnnn -

CONTAGIOUS - they caused the meltdown - not the other way around - and they are loose . . .


what now?cough...

That explains soooo much . . . HUH . . . they are contagious . . . and government state and fed have had significant exposure..... OMG OMG O M F'n G ....................... Is it too late?.....................


[-] 1 points by DKAtoday (33496) from Coon Rapids, MN 4 years ago

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