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Forum Post: OWS - 2012 elections!

Posted 10 years ago on Dec. 3, 2011, 3:20 p.m. EST by yellowflower (2)
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from Juneau Alaska



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[-] 2 points by acbdefg (51) 10 years ago

Don't vote for bhozo, he's the 1%.

[-] 2 points by yellowflower (2) 10 years ago

OWS, Please lets "occupy" the 2012 elections and take our Government back so it works for the 99%!

[-] 1 points by OWS4President (32) 10 years ago

I was just thinking along those lines, but what specifically do we actually occupy? I was thinking the Democratic national convention in Charlotte would be a nice start. And of course the Republican convention. Bipartisan occupation, the point of which would be to defeat the corporate media and political establishment attempt to co-opt us into their Democratic Party/MSNBC wing and reduce us to a domesticated political pet.

[-] -1 points by necropaulis (491) 10 years ago

What are you gonna do?? Like the Dem and Rep parties did in the past when the majority vote meant something(it really doesn't now. Not on the National level) and force people to vote your way??

[-] 1 points by JimSmitherman (3) 10 years ago

I believe we should keep our options open, and also not automatically believe our vote can't count for anything. Everyone should register to vote, and do whatever they can to aid registration drives and fight the current campaign by Republicans to limit the ability of many groups to vote. (This last in the belief by the Republicans that if they find ways to reduce young peoples, older peoples, and minority peoples voting numbers it will help the Republican party.) Who do we vote for? We could stay out of the campaign, but let it be known that we intend to hold vigorous talks on the subject on the weeks before the election, and just might throw our support toward someone. In other words, lets stay politically relevant in the current system, even as we try to change it. Have a great day everyone.

[-] 0 points by rickMoss (435) 10 years ago

How stupid can we be. Do you really think an election is going to change anything in a 2 party dictatorship. The real problem in this country are the people who let it go to hell - "the 99%". If 1% percent is really the blame then we need are butts kicked.

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