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Forum Post: Our Next Step

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 18, 2011, 7:01 p.m. EST by Cecilia (1)
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This is what we need to do: inundate ballots across the country with independent candidates who are committed to fighting the corruption of political process by corporate interests.



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[-] 1 points by Cecilia (1) 12 years ago

Many of us can run for office. This will give the issues we are protesting about greater visibility and will be a way for people who can't join the protests to show their support.

[-] 1 points by Isiah (20) 12 years ago

Unfortunately splitting the vote was what got us Bush's second term. Remember Nader ran and he split the Democratic vote, getting us four more years of war profiteering on Bush's watch? I agree we're not represented by either party; that's the problem with politics, we're forced to pick the best of the worst.

[-] 1 points by alex5045 (40) 12 years ago

We have been noticed … and while we have the world’s attention let’s not squander the opportunity.

We now need to focus … focus on how government and fairness in this country can be returned and belong to everyone not just an elite governing few.

We need a position – a unifying theme – something that everyone will get behind … something that people can grasp and something that the 1% will understand.

If we wish to win.. and to win long term, we must settle on the most important change we wish to achieve. Preferably it is one that everyone who is not one of the 1% agrees with.

Very seldom are there situations where virtually everyone agrees the same change needs to happen. If we press a platform that is diverse then we will be opening ourselves to division within ourselves, and as result providing those who have every incentive for the current rules to stay unchanged - weak points for them to exploit.

Remember united we stand and divided we fall.

Does everyone believe Student Loans should be forgiven? No! Does everyone believe we should simply withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan? No! Does everyone oppose the NRA? No! Does everyone believe in a women’s right to choose? No! Should they? That is a different question. To have such debates and to be part of the debate we need first to get back the government of our country! We will not do this if we list many many demands. We will not move forward because we will be endlessly debating amongst ourselves. Save those debates for later – later until there can be a real debate - rather than simply rules and stances decreed by those who weigh everything with a single criterion – namely “what’s in it for me!”

Currently the 1% does not take us seriously – they have hunkered down and are waiting for this surge to fizzle and burn out. We too will likely tire if we do not have a understandable major goal - a shining beacon to carry forward.

Beware of those who were initially critical and deriding of us – and yet are now those who position themselves as our champions. I do not want to be lectured to as to how we need to act because we don’t understand the political process – especially by those who for years have been at the beck and call of the 1%. I don’t want headlines blaring forth our victory only to find whatever we thought we had achieved is whittled away in a legislative process.

The legislation that becomes law should be a law for the 100%.

I plead with everyone who is part of or considering to be part of this movement – put aside issues that divide us – adopt the incontrovertible single point and aim of what I believe we all demand. Let’s get our government back!

To start, let’s not wait until next year to hold a National Meeting, let’s challenge our elected representatives NOW! If Grover Norquist can require all Republicans to sign a pledge to never raise taxes – then we can ask and expect that every representative, every senator, every governor, every mayor, and in fact every elected official sign a pledge that they will not take money from any corporation, PAC, organization, and that they will only accept a maximum of $500.00 (the amount is not significant it could be $100 or $1,000) per individual. Let’s make sure that those who do not sign on to the pledge will not receive one vote the next time they run for office, and anyone who is elected and who has accepted monies from other than individuals will face a recall.

This will be the start – let’s have our elected officials declare – go on record – as to where they stand – let’s make them go public so we can create a bulletin of shame . Let’s also make it clear that any company, PAC, Union, organization and/or individual who in the past has donated (either transparently or otherwise) more than the threshold we agree on, that will now not sign our pledge to limit what they provide and to cease and desist lobbying – they too will be put onto the Wall of Shame and will suffer the isolation and of boycotts until they do sign on.

While we do all this we need to keep in mind that we live in a democracy – or at least wish to. In the society we live in we need to respect that we will have differences of opinion. We must make it clear that the expression of one’s views is still everyone’s right.

I will be the first to sign the pledge …. Will you join me .. and demand that every elected official declare themselves to be with us … or not .. and that they doo so publicly.

Yours truly,

Alex P

[-] 1 points by Droid24JG (119) from New York, NY 12 years ago

Voting is the key. But the power is knowing who to vote for.
Does anyone research who they vote for?
Maybe an OWS website is needed to ID folks supporting the interests of 99%.