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Forum Post: our federal budget is upside down

Posted 11 years ago on Oct. 3, 2011, 7:45 a.m. EST by radicalchange (5) from Hampton, GA
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Shift the federal budget to reflect our national priorities. Reform social programs so they may survive and continue to help those in need. Use a simple formula, 3-2-1. Divide the federal budget into sixths.

3/6- Half the budget should be committed to energy independence and education. The world is in an energy crisis we should approach energy research, conservation and production as we approached building planes and ships during the world wars. Hire the best scientist in the world to research clean and renewable energy. Develop a plan to use fossil fuels and nuclear at home in the short term to pay for clean renewable energy in the long term. Fund the fossil fuel factory modifications to make them cleaner. Fund conversion of households and personal vehicles to less consuming and cleaner technologies. Fund state of the art energy research facilities full of young innovative men and woman working night and day with the same environment and enthusiasm found at Google and Facebook but the national pride we had working at war supporting factories during the world wars. Find our brightest youth in pre-school and nurture interest, knowledge and skill in math and science. Look to education experts not politicians to create and administer successful education programs.

2/6- A third of the budget should go to social programs while they are drastically reformed. Washington has robbed our seniors of the retirement they were promised. Now the social programs are defunct and there is a huge shortfall. First let's develop a wind down program where each age strata will take responsibility for giving up some of the benefits in exchange for a stable system that will support them through retirement. At the higher ages there will be little sacrifice at the younger ages there will be a new sustainable program. This will require sacrifice where children of seniors may have to provide more support to their parents. Other sacrifices such as means testing recipients must be used while the old programs are wound down.

1/6- A sixth of the budget should go to domestic security. Pull back on a military budget that is out of control . Stop spending more on research for new bomb technologies and innovative ways to kill people and use that money on education and energy research. Stop stuffing military contractors pockets with huge mystery budgets. Prioritizing the security of our homeland over the security of other nations. Bring home our troops. Stop funding aid to countries that in return use the money to help our enemies.



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