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Forum Post: Our Cause Must be This!

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 16, 2011, 4:37 p.m. EST by wilkypoo (0)
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The largest threat to our economy is the greed of big business. Big business continues to outsource American Jobs, import merchandise manufactured overseas for peanuts, with horrible working conditions, and the Americans, their customers, continue to starve. This unfair advantage must end! What good is enacting regulations for safe conditions, and fair wages if corporations can cheat by going outside our country? We must end trade with China. Why are our politicians silently ignoring the power we are giving to China to our demise for example? Our ancestors in this country fought and died to make sure we have safe working environments, safe products, and fair wages. It is a slap in the face to all that we have done when a corporation can duck and dodge and outsource thereby avoiding all the responsibility that we've fought so hard for. Or to import good manufactured for peanuts overseas. So what if the corporations can make a larger profit by outsourcing or going overseas. The only way we are going to make our economy strong again is to bring industry, and manufacturing back to this country. How will that be accomplished? Big business wants us to fold up all the regulations and roll back all the progress we've made in this country. I say that we tell Big business you must come back, or sell your wares elsewhere. We must make it illegal to import into this country, or make it illegal to sell goods manufactured outside of this country, or give large incentives to corporations who hire American workers, and maintain their places of business in this country. We must build this momentum. This is our moment to end this unfair advantage. This is the cause we have been waiting for! Please email controlyourdebt@yahoo.com if you agree.



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[-] 1 points by InternationalRelations (1) 12 years ago

"We must end trade with China" - Do you understand the consequences of such a measure?

  • China is the largest creditor of US debt. If China dumps all the Treasuries it has, at the same time, this will cause panic selling, and the Treasuries will become worthless paper, and so will the US dollar. Interest rates will skyrocket, and so will inflation.

  • If the US starts a "trade war" with China, the entire global economy will enter a severe recession. And many countries will ban imports of goods from the US, and will ban US multinational companies from their soil.

[-] 1 points by FuManchu (619) 12 years ago

With better communications, everything is going global. Protectionism will not work. Banning mports is just not going to work. The implications are too complex.

[-] 1 points by precipice (220) 12 years ago

Okay, I keep hearing this argument over and over on the forums. Let's vote on these topics. Vote here http://www.occupyr.com/Demands/thread.php?id=145

[-] 1 points by April (3196) 12 years ago

Agree. This is certainly a problem. And I'm not sure what the answer is, but I do know that this all involves trade policies. Trade policies require negotiation and cooperation of other countries.

I think we need to get our own "Houses" in order first. (pun intended!)

[-] 1 points by bythepeople (56) 12 years ago

And go back to believing the earth is flat, white people are superior, science is bad, etc. etc. etc.

No going back... only move forward.

[-] 1 points by atki4564 (1259) from Lake Placid, FL 12 years ago

Many more people will come to your side when you are proactive (for “new” Business & Government solutions), instead of reactive (against “old” Business & Government solutions), which is why what we most immediately need is a comprehensive “new” strategy that implements all our various socioeconomic demands at the same time, regardless of party, and although I'm all in favor of taking down today's ineffective and inefficient Top 10% Management System of Business & Government, there's only one way to do it – by fighting bankers as bankers ourselves; that is, using a Focused Direct Democracy organized according to our current Occupations & Generations. Consequently, I have posted a 1-page Summary of the Strategically Weighted Policies, Organizational Operating Structures, and Tactical Investment Procedures necessary to do this at:




because we need 100,000 “support clicks” at AmericansElect.org to support a Presidential Candidate -- such as any given political opportunist you'd like to draft -- in support of the above bank-focused platform.

Most importantly, remember, as cited in the first link, that as Bank Owner-Voters in your 1 of 48 "new" Business Investment Groups (or "new" Congressional Committees) you become the "new" Congress replacing the "old" Congress according to your current Occupation & Generation, called a Focused Direct Democracy.

Therefore, any Candidate (or Leader) therein, regardless of party, is a straw man, a puppet; it's the STRATEGY – the sequence of steps – that the people organize themselves under, in Military Internet Formation of their Individual Purchasing & Group Investment Power, that's important. In this, sequence is key.

Why? Because there are Natural Social Laws – in mathematical sequence – that are just like Natural Physical Laws, such as the Law of Gravity. You must follow those Natural Social Laws or the result will be Injustice, War, etc.

The FIRST step in Natural Social Law is to CONTROL the Banks as Bank Owner-Voters. If you do not, you will inevitably be UNJUSTLY EXPLOITED by the Top 10% Management Group of Business & Government who have a Legitimate Profit Motive, just like you, to do so.

Consequently, you have no choice but to become Candidates (or Leaders) yourselves as Bank Owner-Voters according to your current Occupation & Generation.

So please JOIN the 2nd link so we can make our support clicks at AmericansElect.org when called for, at exactly the right time, by an e-mail from that group, in support of the above the bank-focused platform. If so, then you will see and feel how your goals can be accomplished within the above strategy as a “new” Candidate (or Leader) of your current Occupation & Generation.