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Forum Post: Our 12 Demands

Posted 6 years ago on Oct. 17, 2011, 8:46 a.m. EST by antipolitics (127)
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So I was reading Huffington Post, and it says

Some protesters eventually want the movement to rally around a goal, while others insist that isn't the point.

I would argue that there is only two things we could do. Either except the "Status Quo", go home, and learn to live with the current stat of affairs... or enact Change.

Also in the article

The Wall Street protesters' lack of leadership and focus on consensus-building has help bring together people with different perspectives, but it's also created some tension.

Hence this thread... 12 seems like a good number... maybe we could come together, debate, and formulate a list of demands. We live in a democracy after all, lets democratize change!

At the top of my head...

  1. End Corporate money in Politics Corporations are NOT people, they should NOT have this much influence in Politics and polices... Lobbyists wtf?!? A prettier word for bribes? We can start by ending that recent bill of corporations allowing to give unlimited anonymous political contributions....

  2. End too big to fail Now this something we can agree with the Tea Party peeps on. How is the economy suppose to work if BANKS can take crazy risks, make crazy money, but if their "investments" goes to shit, WE bail them out? WTF? seems like an auto-get out of jail free card... so the "not well off masses" have to bail out the irresponsible "wealthy few" or else the whole economy breaks down? Break these BANKS and other Huge Corporations UP... it should be illegal for "Too Big to Fail"

  3. Prosecute the Billionaires okay WTF happened in 2008? Was there ever any investigation? There sure as hell wasn't any prosecutions. What's changed since then to prevent it from happening again? How are these guys still currently making billions while we all suffer thanks to their greed?

  4. End Exotic Derivatives Trading Okay can someone explain to me what's up with all these weird Hedge Funds, and weird derivatives trading? And why are Banks that are suppose to lend money to small businesses doing all this crazy stuff... that I don't even think they bankers/traders themselves know what it is or what their pushing? It seems like they are just making fake "products", making huge "profits" but adding no value... you ever hear of the Golden Rule? (Those who has the money, makes the rules.) It seems we are giving these Banks the ability to "print money", on the backs of real jobs creators and real value adders, who they are too busy to lend to. How are some of this stuff legal? It seems like very high-stakes gambling, (Financial markets based on Weather, wtf?) If Joe Schmoe, wanted to collect and trade money based on, lets say, college basketball, would that be legal? Now what if he was a billionaire with hundreds of lawyers and millions of Political contributions... who else thinks this like stealing at the worst, or a huge scheme at the worst, lining the coffers of the banks but putting all of us real people in jeopardy...

  5. Forced Banks to Focus I think if your are dealing withing something as important as Cash Flow of trillions of businesses and people's money, it should be highly regulated. Didn't Bush deregulate a lot of this stuff? He's a fool... it seems the Banks only regulation is "Make as much money as possibly, as quickly as possible, whatever the risks or means necessary." Pure Greed. The Buddha says wanting is the root of all evil... I wonder what he's have to think about wanting everything... These Banks should be smaller, there should be Banks that ONLY focus on small businesses... maybe banks that ONLY focuses on consumers... and maybe you can have your high risks, high rewards Banks too... but what doesn't work is 3-4 Central Banks, that does Everything... High Risks, Huge Rewards, No Accountability. (related to ending too big to fail)


crap "content too long", read the rest here

My 6&7 was

Fix the Tax Code

End the Colluding of Washington and WallStreet

Okay that's all I can think of at the top of my head. What about you? Agree? Disagree? What's your list of demands? Please someone with better English skills can edit and make the above demands and our consensus demands, more elegant and poignant.

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[-] 1 points by traderone (13) 6 years ago

Start a new political party to force these issues on Washington. Do it the American way. Use your momentum and power through your growing numbers to vote on these issues. The American people are sick of both the Republicans and the Democrats because they have only demonstrated that they are liars and thieves. So start the "Party of US". You are representative of millions of people who may not be demonstrating, but are behind your issues. Use your voting power and start a new American political power to overthrow the two party system. Also, eliminate the "Electoral College", which only supports the current two party status quo.

Start a new political party - the "PARTY OF US", then occupy Washington to take over the representation of the American people.