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Forum Post: Operation Magick Fist

Posted 6 years ago on Feb. 5, 2012, 6:34 a.m. EST by MysticTravller (0)
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hi all i have been tring to drum up support for Operation magick Fist in many different pagan and magick communitys there has been alot of changes in the world and they are mostly bad, people have had there human rights violated and the powers in goverment have been egnoring the people so i thought that there will be a Magickal version of occupy wall street called operation magick fist this is where witchs and pagans can use spells & Ritual to bring about change to stop the bankers of wall street and the banking elite form calling all the shots our goverments can not make the decisions that need to be made becourse of the shadow goverment that is realy in charge ,these people are the Banking Elite of the world not just the United States Of America, included in this group of people are reps of the military Idustrial Complex (MIC) the idea of this protest is to do what we can do magickly so these elite groups plans will fail, they are not listening to the people they are only interested in controlling the wealth of this world some people may think that magick will not do any good to stop these people,and that is far from the truth, the power is with us the only thing these people dont control is the avalibity of the natrual forces that we call Magick they can throw protesters on the streets into prison becourse there are laws about protesting on the streets but there are no laws to prevent us from harnesing the Power of magick to fight these people we dont have to leave our homes to do this, we can do this from the comfort of our homes or in a group organized for the perpose the time has come for a magick revolution we can strike our targets from a distance and it can not be detected it is magickal stealth this date has been divined by a diviner i met on a pagan web Chat site the date has come out to be 05/21/2012-21/05/2012 please get in behind this as best you can take it to the media if possible we need this to be spread to as many people as we can the more the better if we can send our spells & direct our rituals altogether on the same day we can make positive social and political change there are many targets we can direct this enrgy to one group impaticular is the Bilderberg Group they are at the top they have operated in secret meetings for many years to determin what they want to do in the world they are focused on power and coruption, we can influence there plans to fail or to be exposed to the right people so all you witchs,pagans,satanist etc lets join together on this date and make real change.



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[-] 1 points by MysticTravller1 (1) 6 years ago

Its good to see that somone is at lest looking into this and i could not agree more to cut back that negitive backlash by helping that good guy succeed I please go to my website and learn more this site i set up so that all that are interested in Operation Magick Fist can go.

www.operationmagickfist.webs.com Mystic Travller

[-] 1 points by QuantumIntellect (1) 6 years ago

I love your zest and enthusiasm, though there is only one major flaw with this plan - The Threefold Law - which most witches uphold. What ever we do, comes back to us three times as strong.

So by attempting or succeeding at "attacking" or "overpowering" any group, whether it's necessary or not, is only going to tip the balance onto the side of those who are already in power. It is what they hope we will do.

Now, with all that being taken into consideration, if we just tweaked your idea a bit, we could get the same results without all the negative energy.

To do it, we'd need to change our focus. Instead of focusing on "taking out" the "bad guys", or focusing on ending one group - like the bilderburgs (because there are many groups that are part of the shadow government) - we should focus on aiding the "good guys" or groups that we want to see succeed. We should focus on our own actions towards creating a better, more positive, more free, more magickal future.

In this way, we will create more positive energy, with sustainable solutions. Attacks and magickal battles are only short term band aides for problems, and tend to create worse situations. Let's focus on turning the tides in a way that will truly be lasting and not tip the balance of powers more on the side of those who neither deserve it nor understand how to use it <3