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Forum Post: Open Letter to Obama

Posted 8 years ago on June 30, 2012, 5:26 a.m. EST by goldstandard (-13)
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The following is a letter to Obama, which touches on some of the issues which are insidious to this fascist Kleptocracy the MSM paints as Democracy, but we all know is impoverishing the entire US population. It can be posted here on the Whitehouse website. Since only 2,500 characters are allowed the list is of course woefully short of doing justice to reality:


+++++++++++++++++++++++ Mr. President You’ve surrounded yourself with WS hacks, Keynesian mugs and every other compromised crony you had to pay off for your election. Sadly you don’t get a single piece of sound, unbiased advice for the good of the people and nation. Advice for the good of the Banksters is always in your ear! The cronies and sycophants surrounding you are raping this nation into utter ruin and depravation. Bailouts for the Banksters, declaring criminal organisations FISI, the total market rigging and 24/5 Ag, Au suppression while looting everyone are nefarious crimes against the people under your watch. None is for the benefit of the people, the contrary, but serves the Banksters to pilfer and puts these wealthy criminals on WELFARE! There is a constant incestuous orgy of WS and DC hacks trading insider knowledge and the WS oligarchs issuing orders to the Treasury/ESF/PWGoFM boys. This cesspool of insider cronies is controlling every facet of the markets and allows JPM, GS et al to pillage in excess of 100M$ daily from these rigged markets, simply trading worthless papers and shunting the markets their way, rendering the other hapless traders, pension funds etc. victims to this gigantic fraud, while you’ve backstopped them with taxpayers’ money should losses get out of hand. Rigged markets NEVER work! Such criminal racketeering is only possible in this inane fiat money system which allows, some super dunces (Greenspan, Bernanke, Summers, Krugman etc) even believe necessitates, constant market rigging, and the wholesale larceny committed by the WS crims. Thus, the advice tendered to you is 100% the reverse of what is required to resurrect the economy, get the people working and money into their pockets again. It all just serves the WS crims to perpetuate their racket, for which they’re never prosecuted since under your benefaction there’s been no criminal prosecutions of WS crims. The exact reverse is the case; the most blatant perpetrators of crimes get fined minuscule amounts in order to protect them from civil actions by the victims of their Trillion $ Fraud! Indeed, they’re so assured of immunity to criminal prosecution that the criminality has taken on new highs of brazenness and scope under your patronage. Since im/explicit immunity is granted to WS and the ESF & PWGoFM are directly under your control, you’re completely culpable of all the larceny and crimes committed against the people.

One law for the peasants, no laws for the WS/DC crime syndicate.



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