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Forum Post: OOccupy Wall Street Basic Model Proposal and No it's Not a Zeitards RBE. (Please No Zeitards Post in My Topic With TZM Spam)

Posted 6 years ago on Oct. 17, 2011, 2:08 a.m. EST by planday (22)
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I've listen to the occupy wall street broadcasts for a bit and a lot of what Occupy Wall Street is asking for is a little bit of everything from problems with the bail out, to problems about the war, to various other problems.

I think the problem is that one may think that their voices are not being heard by the politicians when these decisions are being made at which I propose their should be what I would call a Globally formed Party. A Global Party which could be called "The Peoples Party" Is not a country based party but as the name suggest it's a globally based Party.

The People's Party would be composed of everybody that lives on this earth and the point of this party is to represent everyone on this Earth. For instance this party could be involved during the American Presidential election by holding a separate possibly online voting poll. This hypothetical voting poll for America's presidential election would allow for anybody to vote in it including people from other countries. Discussions could occur among other things over this and as a whole everybody could get a better perspective on the presidential election as well as other things.

This party would also get into exposing and handling of corruption on any level including the local level. It seems conspiracy theories spruce mainly because their isn't a lot of say into something therefore it must be a conspiracy us. Wikileaks to an extent would handle high profile cases but I don't think that's good enough for true democracy, I think lower level cases can add up to something just as important as high profile cases. Therefore I would advocate that a website be setup maybe based conceptually off craigslist, where people can report corruptions in their place of work. Places like walmart would be put into their own category for people to report their abuses to and a department within "The Peoples Party" would call these people up for more information to verify their claims as well as processing this to be potentially court bound. By doing this if their is a corporation that continues to violate peoples right we can potentially lump the people it did the same violations to within one group for a bigger grievances.

No one within the peoples party should be paid for the work they do but donations are acceptable as a peoples party committee will be formed to handle and process the money as based by a consensus decision amongst involved members.

The Peoples Party will make all actions transparent or open source meaning every decision the people's party makes will have been known by anybody who wants to get involved as well as voted upon by ones involved. Awareness of such policies being voted upon within The Peoples Party will be of up most priority as well as addressing any problems with the policy as well through possibly a consensus decision making but possibly involving other methods such as Participatory Economics as well.

The Ultimate goal of "The Peoples Party" is to be as democratic as possible giving each person who wants to get involved a chance for a say. The Peoples Party more importantly will be looked at by all politicians on a global level and if a problem arises that deems our attention within a country we shall protest with a global voice as well as support as needed. The People's Party will be a reminder to the political leaders of this world that their is a entity out their that will standup to any injustice when it occurs. The Peoples Party down the line can also influence policy if need be when their is none about a particular issue depending on the consensus reached with the people.

To form the People's Party their will need to be a temporary starter committee started up to propose a plan to the public on how the peoples party should be implemented. I think right now it is important to maintain, get awareness, and start developing a model to work from while dodging the police sticks.

This is just a basic model of The Peoples Party so it can be ironed out but I have to say I think it's way better than RBE and it's doughnut cities. I just purposed a model that's better than a Resource Based Economy, I expect all the Zeitards to jump aboard or shut up now because democracy is way better than their communistic Utopian RBE which is not based on science or has anything to show for itself for the 5 years TZM as been spamming conspiracy's theory's and RBE on the internet.



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[-] 3 points by ob1 (4) from Gold Coast, QLD 6 years ago

if im a zeitard what does that make you.... sheeptard. not even going to bother reading your band aid fix on a system that should be written off and lost to the pages of history. Glad you dont speak for all of us... you cloned sheeptard. The 1% need you...

lets replace a govt... with another govt!!! woohoo. count the days until the new govt is just like the last one...idgit

[-] 1 points by Jexter (3) 6 years ago

No ob1, I say read it, cause we'll run into it again, and maybe we can handle ourselves in a more mature manor, next time. We should understand ALL counter-points, so we're able to address them better, when we encounter them again. This person's ideas are immature and we shouldn't model ourselves after his example. To planday; Here's a funny little fact about sticking too close to the "old model": 'For ever dollar that the "Federal Reserve" (a private corp.) loans us (in the business of making money), there is an interest attached to that dollar. So let's say, for kicks, that there's 5% interest on that 1st dollar that they loan to us. This means that they've loaned us this $1.00 bill, and they expect $1.05 back. Savvy? That nickel can NEVER be paid back! Now, in light of this little factoid; Just HOW fuq'd IS a nation that's $14 TRILLION in debt? Wanna rethink u'r little model a bit? Oh wait! Maybe u can just talk them into forgiving that little bit of..... ugliness.... We better get it under control quick though, cause pretty soon (in the interest of saving money over the long run, in a failing economy), they're going to do what's already starting to happen, and automate jobs. We're in the final seconds of the final hour for seeing that happen. That will be interesting to see in a monetary system... In fact, maybe I like u'r way best, just because of morbid curiosity? (0.o)

[-] 2 points by Leo (2) 6 years ago

The Zeitgeist Movement is barely 3 years old -- how has it been spamming conspiracy theories for 5?

[-] 2 points by Jexter (3) 6 years ago

U ungrateful, uneducated, little noob, u. U mentioned TZM 3 times in the title alone. Negatively, I might add. U got our attention, and while this lame little article/suggestion is amusing, u'r negativity, isn't. So ok. No propaganda, no "conspiracy theories", just plain old-fashioned logic (cause I get the feeling, from reading that crap above, that u'r an old-fashioned type-o-guy...). Why is it that U wish to halt the progress of our species? Why do U want us to keep playing by the old rules of the industrial age? Why is it, that u'r little proposal is based so closely upon the same system that has brought us to our knees? Scared of change, are we? Ex-hippie? Time to let go of u'r security blankey, dude. It's a new day! And as a side note... u OBVIOUSLY have no clue, how this movement occurred... Noob...:}

[-] 1 points by planday (22) 6 years ago

Some extra thoughts

When I say transitional group formed it's only temporary and it's design is to get everybody involved in coming up with the basic design of the global party where everybody yes THE WORLD can get involved and this party would be called the peoples party.

The party itself doesn't have to have a structure onto itself but I suppose if their is structure the structure would have to justify itself. For example a guy starts a political group about building windmills but he himself doesn't know how to build windmills but another person within the group does therefore the person who does that contributes will automatically inadvertently be high on the rung unless another person contributes more. So structure must justify themselves or they fail.

I think having political party on a global level will be a good thing for this world. It be a watching eye on what goes on and when something goes on that doesn't gel well with the majority the peoples party can protest and break free from our roles as workers. As army personnel get paid even if they have to break away from work to fight for our country so should civilians when they need to fight for our country be it protest or what have you.