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Forum Post: One Thing And It all Changes

Posted 6 years ago on June 14, 2014, 3:59 p.m. EST by Robert25 (-7)
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Take the money out of politics. Federal Funding for all campaigns. Limited and capped. Donate your tiime not $$ to the candidate of choice. If the 99% signed a pledge and agreed to vote for candidates that supported such a measure and there was truly campaign finance reform things would change. Use the Power for one thing and the rest will follow. Start somewhere. This forum is nice. This website is nice OWS is nice. Nice looses. Its time to focus and accomplish one thing and the rest will follow. Otherwise keep posting, reading, thinking, dreaming and complaining. Or do something meaningful. A petition with millions of signtures for federal funding od all elections state and federal will get the attention of the powers that be or they be gone. Watch the movie a distinguished gentlemen vintage 80's with Eddie Murphy as a congressman. It's no joke that is the system we have. Take the money out and the rest falls in line. Freedom of Speech is not defined as check writing!! Or keep sending money to this website and sit home and cry!!



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