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Forum Post: one step on the road to many

Posted 6 years ago on Nov. 27, 2011, 4:51 p.m. EST by 001ofthe99 (0) from Ventura, CA
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I know the road to to ending corruption and moving to a new World order will be long. many have come and gone but our numbers continue to grow so we are doing things right. the increase in police brutality will only hassan our victory for justice.

I'm not a leader and I'm just a 22 year old californian what the hell do i know. but i feel like we need an action a show of comitment to change. Don't get me wrong the occupy movement started without my voice but i want to put one thing out there. i feel like the next big movement for us should be to bring down the white house wall. not in a way that would have innocent lives killed but in a peaceable way. after all it is our house. the white house should be the first place our people should be able to rest there heads. it was built for the porpoise of keeping our voices out and that is the first place our voices should ring from. like i said I'm 22 what do i know. and maybe its the worst idea but maybe it would be the loudest bell to not only our country but to the world to bring down there walls off silence.

signed .001 of the 99%



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