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Forum Post: One Man's Views: Which Box Fits?

Posted 6 years ago on Feb. 7, 2014, 12:17 p.m. EST by OneManOneMind (25)
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  • All marriage is acceptable, the state has no right to tell people who can or cannot become married. Giving tax credits is simply a method to justify the control.

  • All drugs are acceptable. Pushing things underground only leads to less understanding, not more. Our record prison population realizes this.

  • A woman's body is just that- theirs. Feel free to do with it as one must. Not all situations are easy to define, and life is tough. Do not condemn people for making tough choices, it is theirs to make.

  • Pollution is out of control. Whether you believe that scientists have enough data to accurately judge what is happening to the climate, the air, water and and hence everything else that requires it is suffering. Fixing this should be of the utmost priority.

  • Regulations should be made by the people. To those that say the public doesn't understand it enough to judge it- they are right, we don/t. But we should. Perhaps it would be the wake up call needed to get people involved again. Bring the people back into the fold, let them seem what happens when they are misinformed, and let them adjust themselves accordingly.

Education- The goal is creative, energetic and happy people. Currently the system is designed to produce obedient workers to serve corporate interests. Our progress is being hindered because of it, its stagnant everywhere. Open up the minds of the teachers and the students will follow suit.

Energy- the technology is there. It has been there. Currently there is no political will, and no public will, to change anything. Oil is ingrained into the culture from cars, to homes, the plastic packaging found on almost everything. Political will is a direct result of public will, so going forward increasing this is going to be the key. Leading the horse to the water is the first step.

Civil Rights- regardless of how much propaganda is placed into the minds of the populace, rights continue to be eroded. While we currently still enjoy a decent amount of freedom compared to what is could be, on the other end this is no where near what it could be. Call it a uptopian paradise if you must, but we should measure ourselves on what could be in terms of positive, not negative.

As touched on in the energy section, political will is a direct result of public will. Politicians enjoy many perks, and keeping them is their utmost priority. Currently we are not pushing for anything when compared to what mass movement looks like.

Public will. Can it be created? Can it be stirred? Can it be led?

Yes. Yes. And Yes.

Good Evening.



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