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Forum Post: On Meg Tilly's Website About JFK and Fed

Posted 6 years ago on Jan. 1, 2012, 1:56 a.m. EST by Renaye (522)
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There's a brain behind that ethereal face.




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[-] 1 points by sovaye (259) 6 years ago

More celebrities should come forward. Many have knowledge of what's really going on. Connections to politicians, elite, etc. They would have to do it en masse so there would be less chance of repercussions.

[-] 1 points by sinead (474) 6 years ago

What? And risk having their name stricken from the White House's Wednesday night party guest list?

[-] 1 points by sovaye (259) 6 years ago

Well...yah...then there's that!

[-] 0 points by Rico (3027) 6 years ago

Just because someone is a celebrity doesn't mean she does fact check any better than the general masses. I stopped reading her bit as soon as I saw her emphasis on the often mentioned but completely false popular myth:

"In 1963 by presidential order, president Kennedy enacted executive order 11110. The US Treasury began printing upward of four billion of US Notes to replace Federal Reserve Notes. When a sufficient supply of the notes reached circulation the Fed and the Central Banking system could be declared obsolete. This would end control of the bankers over the US government and the American people."

The truth is, as usual, much less interesting and exciting. Per The Congressional Research Service Report titled "Money and the Federal Reserve System: Myth and Reality" page 14 ( http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/6a/CRS_FRBSF_Myth_Reality.PDF ), EO 11110 simply delegated Presidential Authority to print Silver Certificates to the Secretary of the Treasury until such time as sufficient small denomination Federal Reserve notes could be put into circulation. The small denomination reserve notes were needed because the market value of the silver in our coins was passing the face value of the coins themselves.

It appears Meg Tilly's willingness to check the facts is no better than many here.

[-] 1 points by Mowat (164) 6 years ago

False popular myth???

Can't you see the destructive effects of the Fed?

Please check out what presidential candidate Mr. Ron Paul says about them.

Don't support the thieves who are controlling this country.

[-] 1 points by Rico (3027) 6 years ago

Executive Order 1110 is a myth. The conspiracy folks have woven a fun story into the JFK assassination, but it's simply not true. The records and documents are there for everyone to see and read, if they would only take the time and were willing to lose another fun and cherished story.

I am fully aware about what Ron Paul says regarding the Fed. Though I don't think he's ever brought up EO 11110, most of what he says is also mythical. Read that paper at http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/6a/CRS_FRBSF_Myth_Reality.PDF for starters.

If you still want to debate the Federal Reserve with me, then you'd better be very well informed and not just parroting what you have heard others say. I expect you to understand why we severed the Fed from direct political control via the Banking Act of 1935, a lesson-learned from the Depression that was implemented at roughly the same time as Glass-Steagall. I will also expect you to understand how modern economics operate, the Bretton Woods agreements, the unique issues associated with being the dominant reserve currency, etc.