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Forum Post: OMG !!!!!!!!! No more austerity !!!!!!!! No corporate welfare !!!!!!!!!!

Posted 7 years ago on Feb. 16, 2013, 2:55 p.m. EST by whaddyathink (-89) from Millville, NJ
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But up the minimum wage so the poor can buy more gasoline from 7-11!

But raise social security so they can buy more food and hand money to Walmart and Safeway!

But raise medicare payouts so the elderly can spend more for GE MRI's, newer drugs and more medical procedures.

But make sure under all circumstances, there's no more corporate subsidies cuz giving money to COMPANIES is evil. LOLOL

Don't dare give any money to BP oil, but subsidies to BP Solar.... well that's OK!

You jerks are f'n hilarious!



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[-] 1 points by peacehurricane (293) 7 years ago

To what jerks are you referring? On this forum there are posers galore. It seems the kind hearted have gotten burnt out dealing with the volume of insincerity required to participate. To ignore being called things that are simply not true is not an easy thing. It seems our human nature to feed into things we actually had no intentions toward which is the most admission I have or will give toward the attempted tactics being used. I have yet to hear any leaps of faith toward what is to be. You see humanity has always and shall continue to follow the best plan regardless of input that excludes itself outside of that plan. What we choose to focus on is what our worth is to the whole because we actualize it by choosing to speak of it. Accordingly a high percentage of this forum is the same thing to me of which is complained/analyzed/reported/linked and commented as being undesirable. While creative possibility and potentiality are put down, called names and made to sound other than the world you all will be living in. This is the fast track to land of all possibility Welcome Home ALL ONE In solidarity Worldwide FREEDOM I am WE...

[-] 0 points by whaddyathink (-89) from Millville, NJ 7 years ago

Kind hearted my ass. They're mules who expect everyone else to pull the cart for them. They're leaches. You are too.

What your worth is? Gimme a break! You're lazy and spend all day on a keyboard blathering away. YOU HAVE NO WORTH. You're simply an oxygen thief.