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Forum Post: Okay..so we are all angry about SOMETHING..and many of the same things. What are we going to DO about it?

Posted 11 years ago on Oct. 16, 2011, 6:54 p.m. EST by Idahoamerican (57)
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We can stomp our feet all we want to, they will get tired of it and arrest more of us more often. SOMEBODY better DO something...and fast. It's already getting bumped from the media..



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[-] 1 points by 86aynrand (72) 11 years ago

I hear ya. We have to narrow down the 'demands' if that's what they are but mostly I think we've already accomplished more than you realize. FAUX 'news' is freak'n and that is always a good sign. The GOP is crapping all over us which is good because they are the 1%'s minions. DEM's are too to an extent but they have more good guys in their camp and there are absolutely none at the repukes.

It will take a change in policy to change this system and policy only changes with politicians. We've got them listening and we can't let up. Send emails (all lawmakers have contacts on the net ) to all you can expressing your wants - write your newspaper - go on your newspaper's opinion blogs and keep things fresh and moving, email the White House to complain and also praise. Do something everyday. It will stay alive if we give it oxygen.