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Forum Post: Oh Say Can You See -- A Simple Plan

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 4, 2011, 6:44 p.m. EST by Leslie (0)
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We the people of the United States of America want to turn our economy around. Therefore, the federal government is going to have to reverse the steps they have taken to, ahem: move it forward.

OH SAY CAN YOU SEE A Plan For The US Economy

  1. Prioritize & Stabilize
    The US economy has been in the emergency room for several years. The first thing a doctor is supposed to do is stabilize his patient. If the economy is not stabilized, any treatment, or stimulus package, is not only ineffective -- it is potentially harmful.

  2. Stop The Presses
    It is easy to stabilize an economy. Stop printing money. Whenever we want to stabilize something, we know to stop adding and start waiting. For example, when our children are in the bathtub splashing water all over the place we do not turn the water faucet up. We turn it off. Things settle down, we turn the water back on and there is less cleaning up to do.

The United States Government has continued to print money and infuse it into an unstable economy. To increase the volume of money in this economy is at best irresponsible. Now our country has to address inflation as well as a fragile economy. INCREASED VOLUME means DECREASED VALUE. The things we own are worth less and the things we need cost more. That's why food is getting expensive.

  1. Save & Loan People can afford to buy homes, but they can’t get home loans. That means money is spread out all over the marketplace and there isn’t enough in the banks. Money can be directed back to the banks by gradually raising interest rates. People deposit money in banks when they can earn money there. They can get loans as well; the banks have money to lend back to them.

Rock bottom interest rates are meaningless if banks don’t have money to lend to their customers.

  1. Move and Groove Interest rates have been forced to artificial lows and kept there. This has been a kiss of death for the business and industry and recently the federal government announced they will hold interest rates down until mid 2013. If the rates don’t move -- the economy won’t move. No interest rates, no marketplace.

Business must have reliable market data, and market data includes interest rates. Companies use this information to organize, operate, plan, grow and expand their operations. Interest rates have been held to artificial lows for several years. Artificial is not real. Therefore, the market data they are forced to work with has been skewed, inaccurate and for all practical purposes worthless.

  1. Deprogram We have been programmed to see low interest rates as a signal our economy is in safe mode and higher rates as a threat to our lively hood. But interest rates are supposed to fluctuate like a heartbeat. It’s a sign of a robust economy. We haven’t raised hell about what the government has been doing because interest rates frighten us, but in a free market system no one regulates interest rates, especially the government.

Interest rates can be used to control a people and their economic system. In the wrong hands they can be used to destroy both.

This is a 10 step plan. If there is any interest, I'll post the rest.



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[-] 1 points by revg33k (429) from Woodstock, IL 12 years ago

Check the link after the edit mark on this page for a working list of goals http://occupywallst.org/forum/first-official-release-from-occupy-wall-street/

and this Warning from the original Tea Party before it got hijacked http://occupywallst.org/forum/an-open-letter-and-warning-from-a-former-tea-party/

and this list of usefull PDF files http://occupywallst.org/forum/demonstration-materials/