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Forum Post: Occupy's Continuing Message

Posted 8 years ago on July 3, 2012, 6:56 p.m. EST by jrhirsch (4714) from Sun City, CA
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Many have criticized Occupy for not having a clear message. Maybe the reason is because the message is so large, that we fail to grasp it in it's entirety.

During the Civil Rights movement of the 50's and 60's, they presented a clear and focused message against racial injustice. The people who suffered from segregation and racial discrimination did not need to be convinced that they were targets of those injustices.

Occupy faces a different dilemma. The very people who are being discriminated against today, both politically an economically, won't admit it, or don't even realize it!

How do we convince the people that they really don't take part in a free and fair market, but are conditioned to happily trade ten hours of their hard earned labor for a single hour of the riches labor? How can we encourage people to stand up for fair wages when they don't understand that the invisible hand of inflation has robbed them of every raise they received for the last 40 years? Or how can we show them that they don't take part in free and fair elections, their votes being bought before they ever cast their ballots?

Should Occupy create a political force and single handedly bring about the necessary change that the people do not want, because it is for their benefit? Or should Occupy tear down the present system and replace it with another?

It should not be up to Occupy or any other group to make those decisions. If the tiny fraction of the population that make up Occupy decide on their own where this country should head, are we not just as corrupt as the 1% that now decides our course?

That decision should be up to the well informed mass of people who make up this country. Whatever direction the people decide to go, even if you disagree, should be the one we all take.

Occupy's message from the beginning has been to expose the hypocrisy and theft that have permeated every crevice in the fabric of our society. That same message should continue until it completely soaks into that fabric, until all of the people can clearly see the stains and blemishes, and then vigorously scrub them out until only justice and freedom remain.

If Occupy's only accomplishment is to open the eyes to the injustice and oppression that are so prevalent in this country and elsewhere, it will have done a great service. If the people refuse to act on this message, and fall deeper into this cesspool of injustice along with their families, they have no one to blame but themselves!



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