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Forum Post: Occupy Your Capitol National Event -Oct. 29th 12pm-3pm

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 21, 2011, 6:39 p.m. EST by frustrated (6)
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"We the people are gathering to recognize the blatant injustices that are being perpetrated by the political and economic structures in our own nation and around the world. In solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, we are creating a way to re-empower the individual and society, so that we may identify and discuss solutions to resolve expressed issues, through recognizing our common humanity. Each day... new people are adding their voice. We invite you to add yours."

Meet in front of your State Capitol building! It is time to take the Occupations to Government- Let our Politicians know!

www.occupytogether.org ........ Find Event in State Capital City:

Participating Cities: Boston Tallahassee Montgomery Phoenix Little Rock Sacramento Lansing Saint Paul Jackson Denver Hartford Atlanta Honolulu Boise Jefferson City Springfield Indianapolis Des Moines Topeka Baton Rouge Augusta Annapolis Helena Lincoln Carson City Concord Trenton Santa Fe Albany Raleigh Bismarck Columbus Oklahoma City Salem Harrisburg Providence Columbia Pierre Nashville Dover Lansing Austin Salt Lake City Montpelier Richmond Olympia Charleston Madison Cheyenne



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[-] 1 points by peacefulwarrior (86) 12 years ago

i love how if you try to post something "too long," (and I was posting something I considered to be lengthy.) not only will it not allow you to post, but right next to the post comment button, you receive a message in red stating: "content too long, jerk." i don't feel that disrespectful name calling is necessary. it seems unwarranted here. whoever programmed that retort is just that though... lame. i am not feeling the vibe of this site so far. where is the spirit?

[-] 1 points by peacefulwarrior (86) 12 years ago

Why 0 comments? This is GREAT!!!