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Forum Post: Occupy where are you headed, what is your end result?

Posted 8 years ago on March 30, 2012, 5:57 p.m. EST by Vitaminc (0)
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Straying from our roots rather then embracing them. Humans are after all animals, they require incentive to do much of anything stimulation goal oriented rewards.With great incentive leads to great innovation/acts, not stagnation. Just like how we choose mates its a selection part on the basis of suitability. Pretty soon you'll demand everyone gets the same quality of mates or mating isn't fair so you'll rebel like petty children to effect little change till your goals are met and we're all dating models or whatever you want to attribute as a desired preference unto the masses that we all seek and can agree to (in such a case that a model isn't what you seek, said for brevity's sake not for the case that all humans are shallow and seek models). Biologically speaking life just isn't fair. Why in our contrived systems would you expect any different? After all we are animals and just as nature rewards on the basis of adaptability and wealth/abundance (see evolutionary advantages of differing adaptations that are sought this case wealth) so to should our systems reflect that.

Redstrubition of wealth, bitching at the 1% as you so call them. Cries of "its not fair", opportunities are given whether you choose to take advantage of them is another matter.

Is communism (what i see your preaching as) truly the answer? If you truly are the 99% as you say you should be able to change the system within to support your idealogy. If your not and just a disenfranchised political movement akin to petty children claiming cries of unfairness then you have little hope... In other words show that you are the 99% change from within till you yourselves become what you hate, demonizing wealth is done by those who lack it, on the same token demonizing the right/left and this falase dilemma of polorizaiton that nearly everyone has bought into because you've allied yourself with one or the other viewpoint does little to change things, it only acts to ferment an idealogy that's used to control, and contain an individual in the grasp of said meme through idealogical adherence and as such thinking inside the box.

Its one thing to say something its yet another to prove its veracity. You are the 99%? If you truly are and not just a bunch of disenfranchised political antaganists with a liberal agenda playing into the false dilemma which will lead to greater federal power/martial law etc.... Show you are not merely say you are.

Just like someones mind cannot be changed without their consent or reason so to can a system not be changed without the same as such. It must be done through either reason or from within. Currency, wealth, the collection thereof is a sufficient motivator, perhaps try to be less radical and more practical. Let me ask how many rich occupiers are there?

Unless your truly offering a system that can truly change the way humans act and change human motivations... i see this as a failed alternative, even more failed then the system in place. Back to the drawing board... If you have nothing in place, a better system to replace what you oppose, who's to say your changes will be meaningful? This requires system analysis, consent from what you see yourself as (the 99% that thus far have had a negligible impact as a result of an inability of shortsightedness and lack of alternatives to what they oppose). While this will most likely be banned although i see no reason its my mechanistic view that isn't flaming rather it is meant to spur and facilitate greater understanding, you need to see the see less of what moves the car (the wheel) and take a look at the entire machine... for a car is more then just what moves it. So the dilemma i set forth is do you have a better alternative to replace what you seek to destroy as your set mission statment is, "the only solution is world revolution". So far i'll i've seen and read about the occupy movement is based on wealth and fairness, i've already touched on these subjects, sure corruption,and avarice are bad, but what system... what solution do you all offer in its place other then talking about the "unfairness" of it all?

Asinine claims made such as the post "replace capitilism with democracy" do little to change things, their is still a wealth gap, and a system that rewards intellect, same end result. Perhaps its the younger generation that are so used to getting something for nothing that are so placated by this concept of occupy, life isn't fair, nor is that system. Without incentive what would ultimately drive us to strive to accomplish better things, work to the fullest rather then just sitting on our ass for our guranteed over paid selves, improve on what we have, invent etc...? You must come up with a better system that plays into psyche and motivation of mankind, a better social construct, in order to truly change something for the better something better must be offered to take its place (while better is subjective, we can agree to in some respects of what better would be through either benefits to the 99% or ethically etc.. pick your "better").



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[-] 2 points by rayl (1007) 8 years ago

you are one long winded mofo! so if you have more money than me it's ok for you to control the world for your own benefit and to hell with every one else? great spam!

[-] 1 points by freehorseman (267) from Miles City, Mt 8 years ago

You are right I really did try to get through it.Like a fart winded and stinks.

[-] 1 points by gnomunny (6819) from St Louis, MO 8 years ago

What do you expect, ray? Check out when he joined the forum. By the way, I stopped reading this after the third sentence because by then it was clear where the rant was headed. Just another clueless naysayer.

[-] 2 points by rayl (1007) 8 years ago

do you think i wasted my time reading this shit? i was just poking at the open wound of modern conservatism. but thanks for the message anyway.