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Forum Post: Occupy Vancouver's Tribute to OWS Anniversary

Posted 11 years ago on Aug. 31, 2012, 12:04 a.m. EST by mummywummy (0) from Richmond, BC
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On September 15th at 4pm Pacific Time, Occupy Vancouver will be having a solidarity gathering for OWS. It is you, our eastern brothers and sisters who made occupy possible in Vancouver!

Our Keynote speaker is Chief Phil Lane Jr., a herediatry chief who has been awarded over and over for his accomplishments for work for indigenous people and for the Human Family. Chief Phil will be talking about the need for principle bases organizations as a way of obtaining sustainability within the groups, organizations, movements and business and governments.

Chief Phil is best known for his Four Worlds International Institute.

OV's Environmental Justice has developed a foundation document that includes the adoption of Four Worlds International's 16 guiding principles......plus a vision statement, mission statement and a decision making matrix based on our principles. We have also adopted the Gehl Ally Bill of Responsibilities and made solidarity statements with some First Nations (Canadian Native Indian) declarations.

Please link up to us via livesteream on Saturday, Sept. 15th, 4 pst at


In Spirit and Solidarity, Mummy Wummy for OV.



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