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Forum Post: Occupy USA, a new iPad Photo Book from FotoEvidence

Posted 7 months ago on Sept. 12, 2013, 2:42 p.m. EST by BGoccupy (0)
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In Occupy USA photographer Vance Petrunoff visits Occupy Wall Street encampments across the United States, from the first actions in New York's Zuccotti Park to Honolulu, Hawaii and including Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles and San Francisco, among others.


In 142 color photographs, Petrunoff turns a sympathetic eye on the broad range of protesters and activists who participated in Occupy demonstrations and encampments. He captures the pointed but often whimsical slogans the demonstrators directed at politicians and the powerful financial actors who brought about the economic crisis that inspired Occupy activists to take to the streets.

Petrunoff, who defected from Communist Bulgaria in 1985, is a proponent of a market economy but sees the Occupy movement as reflecting broad discontent in the United States with an economic system that does not reflect the interests of the majority of Americans.



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