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Forum Post: Occupy the white house!!

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 10, 2011, 7:42 p.m. EST by Biophilia4 (2)
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Bring the protest straight to Washington!!



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[-] 2 points by Smicharlie (2) 12 years ago


                           TAX THE FINANCIAL SERVICES INDUSTRY

The Obama administration demonizes the rich. The Right Wing demonizes the Government. House of Representatives Republicans and Tea Party advocates demonize debt and entitlements. And the the Democrats demonize the Right as heartless servants of monied interests while feeding at the same campaign finance trough.

They are all moving deck chairs on the Titanic.

All of these well intentioned peanut galleries rant against the enemies they see, and while some of these are legitimate, the ship of state keeps sailing toward national decline. 

Occupy Wall Street needs a shared goal that will make a real difference

                                            Don't tax the rich. 

                             Tax the Financial Services Industry 

The Facts

Every great commercial, military nation in the past 2000 years has declined.  Rome, England, Holland and Spain.

During the decline, they all had a few attributes in absolute common:

  • The peoples' energy  moved from Creativity and Productivity to financial management. Fifty years ago about 30 percent of our GDP involved financial services. Now it is over 70 percent.

  • Great expansion in foreign and internal debt.

  • Government  growth and bureaucracy.

  • Extension of military activity and projection  of power at the expense of domestic infrastructure.

These factors are the spokes of the wheel rolling us towards predictable decline.

If there is to be hope,the secret  is in changing our energetic focus to the creative, productive, innovative, developmental projects that generate innovative products, services, and material wealth

The glue holding  our biggest problems in place is in our inability, by any moral means, to shift America's energy dramatically away from the growth and profitability of financial services as the primary indicator of wealth and success.

Acting on the problems of debt, military spending and overextension, education, action for entrepreneurship, creativity and production are all required in any case.  But the cork in the national and global bottle of decline is the pervasiveness, size, growth of and obsession with the financial services industry.

The rich, the poor, the middle class, government workers, and even people in the financial service industry themselves are no worse than anyone else.   Greed, gluttony, sloth, dishonesty, cowardice, mischief can be found anywhere. 

This is a system problem,  not a people problem.  Who we elect , whether Michelle Bachmann or Barack Obama, will make no lasting difference to the slow downfall of our quality of life, liberties, and right to pursue happiness. 

A Manhattan Project or an Apollo Project to transform the glue that's holding this country together -- from financial services to creativity and production  -- is an idea whose time has come. This cancerous dysfunction must shrink to the point where it becomes part of our national game and not the game itself.

To have an America we can all  love and honor..., to have America lead the world in search of a dream of the earth for rich and poor alike,  we must do surgery on the heart of the problem.

That is the revolution we need now, and a good  reason for all of us to sacrifice.  The answer is to shrink the size, scope and impact of the financial services industry in the U.S. and the world.

This may seem like pie in the sky, but nothing else will stop the decline and create a noble and prosperous future.

Don't tax the rich. Tax the financial Services Industry.

Starve the Beast.

Charlie, Jonathan & Kathy Smith

Mount Dora, Florida