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Forum Post: "Occupy the White House Now!!

Posted 12 years ago on Dec. 7, 2011, 5:16 p.m. EST by lonespectator (106)
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The time has come for OWS to move all manpower and resources to DC. We need your help here at the source of the problem. The White House is our house. We now have SEIU support to march on the President and tell him to meet our demands, or lose the election. We are here doing the work today and this week..You must move all resources to DC and Occupy The White House Now!! As in Cairo today, it is the right time to make a stand. Join us now ..WE need all OWS people to move here by the hundreds of thousands from all over the country and send a strong message: THis is the peoples house. Not Wall Streets. Demand the President pull back all tarp money and give it to the people by cancelling there mortgage payments and stopping all foreclosures. Arrest Henry Paulson. The crook who started this mess by helping his Banking friends. Tell the President, seiu and the entire Occupy movement will take the White House away from him by not voting for him in 2012.. Help us now!! Occupy the White House" Today!!



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