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Forum Post: Occupy the Gobernment

Posted 12 years ago on Nov. 4, 2011, 7:51 p.m. EST by Pakal (1) from Metepec, MEX
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To debug the tyrannical global financial system we must begin with its principal servants and accomplices: the governors and political parties; who are vulnerable during the elections and they can see itself forced to satisfy the citizen demands to have enough votes to hold their governmental position in ranks.

We are currently in two separate electoral processes, in USA and Mexico, and still we are in time for demanding:

Initiative of Law to definitely overcome the recurrent economic crises and their every time bigger corresponding levels of barbarism:

Suppression of wages to popularly elected governors from the elections of 2012.



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[-] 1 points by Pakal (1) from Metepec, MEX 12 years ago

If we achieve this goal will still be enough candidates to govern, those who have resolved their economy by owning companies or other income, and those that can be communitarianly supported by their followers. But it will be a filter that will stop those who care more about getting a good income than to solve today's social problems, creating opportunities for those who have major moral and scientific capacity to do so, and they can present independent candidacies without committing to give bestowals to members of any political party. Adjusting the country's finances to cause a substantial reduction in the salaries and expenses of top officials, who like the lower-level officials and popularly elected governments will have to be monitored by a transparency system of government and civil society. This will be able to substantially lower levels of governmental corruption and consumerism of the governing class, which from its national leadership will result in an overall decline of consumerism (main cause of environmental depredation) and organized crime. Which could may rejoin society through new mixed economy (capitalist and communitarian) that government and civil society would be implemented with the participation of large numbers of unemployed that currently exist, that would allow them, although of austere way, to solve their family economy satisfactorily, like the governors who require communitarian support. The power of capital in the hands of parasites is what has the world at the present critical situation, so there is no choice to put the capital under the human will, the democracy, contrary to the current situation. There will not lack reasons for a political party to express in favor of our demand for pretending to gain votes when already there are many people to support it, which may cause the other parties do the same for trying to keep those votes and Congress will obliged to formulate our initiative of law and to decree its entrance in effect. Meanwhile ours demonstrations and events will have had to create a social movement that assures this.
When our governors will be honorary not only are not going to suffer deficiencies but they will be much more powerful as our representatives, stop being puppets of capital. Just as today's society and entrepreneurs try to imitate their corrupt behavior, later will try to imitate their worth, honesty and altruism, because the governors have always been and will be the main leaders of each nation. Paying a salary to the governors is the best way to guarantee that they will defraud the citizenship, simulating to work full time to their service, when a well-planned government or parliamentary work requires less than half time in a participatory democracy. It’s a matter of culture, what civil society decides to create a new civility. That allows it organize to face threats such as natural resource depletion and climate change. Therefore it is necessary to begin to realize marches from the occupied places, and in general from each city's civic squares, to the corresponding legislative halls and offices with banners and placards with slogans like "Occupy the Gobernment", "Initiative of Law to definitely overcome the recurrent economic crises and their every time bigger corresponding levels of barbarism", "Suppression of wages to popularly elected governors from the elections of 2012", and so on.